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PostHeaderIcon Green Landscaping Ideas for Spring

nullWho does not want to flaunt a well endowed and pruned garden? The best way to do so is by landscaping the garden. Here are a few great ideas for green landscaping that one can try out this spring.

It is important to choose the plants and trees surrounding your house with utmost care. Firstly, the trees should compliment your house and secondly they should be professionally planted to ensure that they sustain the weathers.

Use the right sprinklers that have auto timers, so that your garden is taken care of even at your absence. If you are lucky enough to own a huge terrace then use plants to decorate them. These plants would score you extra brownie points from the environmentalist and also be the envy of your neighbours.

Another must do this spring is to plant vegetables in your back yard. Choose the right one’s that need less care and are required by you on a regular basis.