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PostHeaderIcon Creative Decorative Painting Techniques-Sponging

Painting has in the past years been considered an activity for the talented in art. The truth of the matter is anyone can paint since art is an expression of any form. To this effect, there are various methods of painting that a person can use. Sponging is on e of them and it gives a person’s walls that faux finish. Sponging also adds an exciting texture to the walls. The sponging technique can be employed not only on walls but also on furniture and the ceiling.

When doing sponging, a person can use as many colors as they want to. Do not be afraid to experiment with something new as this may end up looking really good. That is what is so exciting about this method, a person’s mind can roam about in any way they so please.

Using a roller and brush apply a base coat which is the first color. After drying, apply the sponge colors using a sponge by dabbing it onto the surface. When doing this, it is important to ensure that the sponge does not have so much paint on it. Do the same with the array of colors that you will have chosen as the sponging colors. After this is done, sit back and enjoy your own master piece.

PostHeaderIcon Making a Rooster Wall Paper Border

There are different kinds of wall papers available today. Most of these are bought in stores but to add a personal touch to your house making your own wall paper would be a good idea. A wall rooster wall paper for starters is a very easy Do It Yourself project. These are the requirements tracing paper, ruler, a permanent marker, a pencil, some plastic paper, adhesive, paint (the color of roosters) and brushes. There are different part s of a rooster that should be emphasized, these are the wings, beak, tail, body and of course the crown.

Draw the image of a rooster on the tracing paper and cut it out, then using a permanent marker, use the cut outs to draw on the clear plastic paper. This would look appealing if a person used some stencil. Therefore using stencils make repetitive patterns on the plastic paper. Any space between the roosters can be filled by drawing some flowers or some grain and any other chicken feed.

Using some adhesive, the stencil prints may now be pasted to the wall. Then using paint out the roosters with the appropriate colors for instance using red paint for the beak.

PostHeaderIcon Designing a Bug Themed Room

Kids’ bedrooms are normally fun to design. There are lots of nice designs that a person can choose from. One of these is the bug themed design. This is usually suitable for both sexes of kids be it male or female. To create a bug themed room, there are a few things that a person should do. Painting the walls of the bedroom is a must. Choose a nice outdoor setting and paint on the walls. Nature should be paramount; therefore in generals the color that will stand out will be green.

After this is done, putting the bugs and other outdoor insects in place will be the next option. These may include worms, bees and even dragon flies. Stencil images can also be used to add onto the creativity. For the windows a person can pick curtains that have a nature theme or better still pick some with lady bugs on them. A visit to the store to buy insect stickers can also come in handy as these can be randomly stuck on the windows and even the door and walls.

PostHeaderIcon How to Hang Objects on Brick Walls

Hanging objects on brick walls may seem like a hard task to do since it is made of brick hence would seem hard. A lot of care has to be taken when doing this to avoid breaking and damaging the wall. There are mainly three basic ways in which a person can successfully hang objects on brick walls. One is the use of concrete and brick picture hanger. This is probably one of the best hangers available on the market. Though hard to put up, it can hold a great deal of weight when carefully done. This kind of hanger is made of gold and silver and I readily available in stores.

Another way that a person can use to hang objects on brick walls is by use of concrete screws. They are hard giving them an upper hand as they can go through hard surfaces. To successfully put them in place, a person needs to follow instructions from the manufacturer. The last method that can be used is lead anchors. These are similar to the plastic anchors though made using different materials. The lead anchors are very strong and last long.

PostHeaderIcon Create an Angel Themed Bedroom


Bedrooms especially little girls’ bedrooms need to look all sweet and adorable just like the little angels themselves. An angelic look for the bedroom would therefore be ideal. To achieve this, a person has to put their artistic prowess into action. If you do not have this gift, do not go spoiling the walls of the baby’s room. Employ an artist to do this. A drawing of two or three angels can be made on the wall using some wallpaper depicting angels, add them on the walls.

Randomly place angelic pictures in the room to bring out a depiction that the angels are actually all over. Statues of angels can also be used to enhance the room’s look. To clearly bring out this effect, the kind of lighting used matters a great deal. Use soft light as it illuminates the room enhancing the angelic nature. As time goes by, a person may add more angelic decorations to the room.

PostHeaderIcon Choosing your colors for faux painting


Choosing the ideal color is considered as the hardest task when embarking on a faux painting project. However, you can always consult with your painter who might offer a few suggestions then you can choose from that. This can be the best approach though you can try to match your existing colors and make the best out of it. This could include the colors around your curtains, tiles, bed sheets and others. With such consideration, you would basically create the ideal atmosphere.

It is also advisable to stick with two colors. Even with such options remember to contract the right painter who can guide you in the right direction. This means that, he will add a few suggestions here and there since they have been in this field for quite sometime. So to get started, you can search through the internet for the ideal painter who will charge you a fee.

PostHeaderIcon Bar and Kitchen Stools Fabric for Your Unique Look


A piece of fabric plays a major role in any stool. So with that in mind select the right stool which has been designed with the elegant fabric. This option can be gotten from the numerous furniture dealers who have become quite popular. Some of these dealers can be located on the internet where you can access their numerous kitchen stools and choose the best one.

With such stools, you are guaranteed to create a unique look which will last for decades to come. The fabric can also create a specific mood whether boring or fascinating. So bear that in mind since you would not want to bore people with the available bar stools. The same thing should happen with the kitchen ones, preferably, select a fabric that will create unity and things like that. You can also consult with your dealer when buying the bar and kitchen stools since they have experience in this kind of dealing.

PostHeaderIcon African-inspired decorating


African-inspired decorating includes the option of glass beads which was found among the archaeological sites in Africa. The option was associated with clay and copper copies. The glass beads were plenty in supply since they were accessible in the Tonga valley. It’s now hard for one to trace the origin of these beads which belonged to the realm of dreams.

Vibrant colors were also used to bring their homes alive as was considered. The Xhosa colors were used by the pharaohs and the first dynasty of Egyptians. Basically, all sorts of desires were represented by these colors. The African people adored the colors and no one wanted to be left out. The Sotho people of South Africa also decorated their huts with bright paints which were available in very homestead. They used to decorate their fence with the high quality reeds. The reeds would stay for long without being damaged by rain.

PostHeaderIcon Easy Way to Install a Duvet Cover


Duvet covers have become so popular in many homes. So there need to seek an easier way to install it when need be. If you employ the wrong procedure, you are guaranteed to take the whole day dong this. The procedure has worked wonders even to those installing the king size duvets. You are guaranteed to spend ten or less minute’s doing this.

Basically, you can begin by taking the corners of the duvet and then push it to the designated corners. Then you will proceed to fasten those using pegs, do the same steps to the other corner. The third corner should also be tacked in the same procedure where you will use the peg. Basically shake the whole thing in place and do the necessary. Once you have fastened the buttons or studs, you can proceed on and remove the pegs. With such procedures, you will have an easier time with your duvet.

PostHeaderIcon Reasons to Invite Mohawk Laminate Flooring


Many people have opted to this option of Mohawk since it offers a strong floor which can stay for years without needing maintenance. The floors are quite popular in the upper class residence where style and elegance is very important. Basically, the floor is designed by the highly qualified experts since it’s a sensitive procedure. It calls for proper steps without using shortcuts. So if you are intending to have this kind of floor, be sure to consult a professional in this field. You can also locate your ideal professional from the internet.

Unlike other floor types, Mohawk is not super sensitive to light which makes it the better option. This means that the floor will retain its color for many years to come without fading. Fading is usually undesired since it calls for extra costs which were not planned for. The floor requires minimal or little maintenance practice which will not drain your pocket financial wise.