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PostHeaderIcon Wood panel showcases

Different wood forms have arrived to pose as materials for your showcases. There is redwood and beech wood to add to the traditional mahogany, oak and teak. For expensive look, sandalwood is always there. Red oak looks ravishing as a mantelpiece.

Have them paneled and shelved and yet leaving these open. Reserve these panels for your Chinaware vases, your trophies and important certificates. You can also create a safe in between to store important assets. Place it in the middle of your living room for general visitor overview.

Give your showcases a regular varnish. Wood is susceptible to scratches and losing its color quite quickly. With oak, you can leave it tattered as it still retains some majesty. With softwoods, you will need to be extra careful.

Don’t stuff your showcase with unnecessary things or things you should dispense with. This is to create a genuine first impression and you should not neutralize that.

PostHeaderIcon Keep your house free from molds

Molds are common occurrence in damp houses. These are microbial organisms that come and settle into the confines of your house with allowance of moisture laden air. Then they sit on your carpets or other retentive areas, and spread through human touch.

These may cause fungal infections and are not the best things to have. Thus try and keep your house free from molds. Improve the indoor air quality of your house. Place a large organic mat outside. Have your house well ventilated with generous allowance for natural lights.

Use your vacuum cleaner discreetly and ensure that your carpets and upholstery remain devoid of molds. Also check the leaks and insulation attics. Seal them with construction sealants. Use water and vinegar formation over them. Properly bleach your house areas. This will prevent any potential spread of molds. Regularly inspect whether your kid has picked up an infection. Encourage use of slippers in-house.

PostHeaderIcon Antique Crockery, What To Look For

Antique crockery is great especially for all those formal dinners you intend to hold in the not so distant future. The older the crockery is, the more we seem to like it. Antique crockery comes in many different forms but there are several things to look out for. For starters, the pieces must be in good condition. If it says silver then it had best be silver and not a well done aluminum coating. Secondly, the crockery pieces should all be available as it would not be appropriate to mix and match old and new.

The crockery should also be whole and not have any dents in it that would interfere with the form and function of the items. The crockery should also not be hard to maintain. It would be pointless to buy excellent antique crockery only to find out that the materials necessary to maintain it can only be shipped in from a remote village in Guatemala. Antique crockery should be bought purely for enjoyment and should not turn into an inconvenience.

PostHeaderIcon Flower Arranging For Your Home

Flowers add value to the home whether on the inside or the outside of the home. They should therefore be arranged in a manner that encourages their growth and reproduction and displays their beauty. Flower arranging can be done by the amateur and professional once these two things have been carefully considered.

Another consideration to make is whether you would like the flowers to be put together in a cluster or spread around the home for added greenery. Any option will do as long as the plants do not seem to be over running the home in any way. The flowers that are kept inside the home should ideally be of the perennial kind in order to keep the home green and fresh year round. For the outer sections of the home, then one could always experiment with the many other types of flowers that are readily available in the market.

PostHeaderIcon Buy the Perfect Bar Stools

Be it in the home or at the local pub close by, the bar stool is of utmost importance. The bar stool gives the drinker easy access to the bar or the bar tender making drinking less challenging. The designs for bar stools are very many and the perfect bar stool can be categorized in many different ways. For starters it should be comfortable.

There is nothing worse than taking a drink while praying you do not fall over due to the unpredictable nature of the bar stool you are perched on. The perfect bar stool should have adequate sitting room and the back rest should give you the support you need while you drink. There should also be a step provided for all those that may be too short to hoist themselves onto the seating area. Lastly, if there is any fabric on the seating area, it should be of the non slip type for obvious reasons.

PostHeaderIcon Should You Be Using LED Lights in the Home?

To some people, this is a rather touchy subject and can be the cause of many a fight but to others it is an open and shut case. L.E.D lights are quite bright and whether one should use them in the home should be a matter of form over function. For starters these lights are extremely bright and in some cases they become brighter by the minute. Granted, they might not consume as much power as the regular bulbs but using them to light the home should be carefully considered.

These lights can be used in moderation to highlight certain areas of the home like the bar or even the pantry and even the garage. Their strength can be both a positive and a negative depending on those affected by the light they emit. Either way, it is wiser to use them in areas where their strength can be diluted by other lights around and where it can also be utilized to the fullest and appreciated.

PostHeaderIcon Using Chairs in Decorative Creativity

For most people, chairs are a necessary convenience in the home or office but for others they are works of art to be exploited. In most homes, the chairs are bought in a set to create a feeling or uniformity and this is a great place to start. In order to make the room slightly more appealing, the seats could be mixed and matched with regards to color and even design.

The texture of the fabrics could also be altered from one seat to the next in order to create a visually appealing living space. For the more daring, seats made of different materials could be used in clusters for added aesthetics. Chairs can be used in the lounge area, beneath a winding stair case and even next to the fire place for a touch of color and style. The type of chair that is chosen need not be the regular run off the mill type but could be one off pieces from the antique store.

PostHeaderIcon Floor Covering, the Basics

Floor covering, something we all look forward to with relish. Not quite. It can however be done in an enjoyable manner in many different ways. There are very many floor covering techniques in the market at the designers’ disposal with the only consideration being the location of the floor in question. This is the main criteria used when coming up with the different floor plans and materials to use.

If the floor is for the shower, bathroom and even kitchen it should be the non slip type that does not absorb water. If on the other hand it is for a corridor and even living area then a wooden one should do just fine. If it is for a courtyard then bricks and even concrete can be considered and they can be decorated in different ways toe make the area all the more appealing. Floor covering can be done as a DIY project is the design is not too complicated but when it comes to concrete slabs that is another matter all together.

PostHeaderIcon Your Comfort and Style with Modern Cushions

Modern cushions can either be as comfortable as you have always imagined or as whimsical as possible. In the days gone by, the cushions that were being manufactured were for the chairs in the home and were either for sitting or lying on. In this day and age of pillow fights, the cushions have undergone radical changes to make them more appealing to the masses. For the seats and beds in the modern home to be comfortable especially to the women folk, there must be cushions, cushions and even more cushions.

It is some times amazing just how many of these are placed on top of a single bed only to be discarded when it is time to sleep. This aside, the cushions are used to give added back support and make the seats more comfortable. They can also be combined with ottomans in order to create more seating space when guests arrive. The type of cushion chosen should be both comfortable and practical with regards to location and function.

PostHeaderIcon Enjoy the Versatility of Bean Bags in Your Home

Bean bags are fantastic whether you are a child or a child at heart. They are comfortable with the added advantage of blending into different sectors of the home with ease. The bean bags come in very many sizes and colors giving the home that extra burst of color time and again. For starters, the bean bags could be as colorful as you would like them to be depending on the overall look you are going for in the home.

In most modern decor homes, these bean bags com in so many colors one is spoilt for choice on where to look. On the other hand, the bean bags could be spruced up, as it were, and covered in leather as opposed to regular fabric. Such a bean bag can be used in conjunction with many other decor options and can even bring in some class all round. The bean bag is as versatile as any other piece of furniture and to crown it all, when you travel, take it with you.