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PostHeaderIcon How to convert garrets into dens?

Garret is typically supposed to be storerooms or attics. Den, meanwhile, resembles a living room more than an attic. Obviously, there is a range of difference between the outlooks of these two rooms.

With meaningful changes, you can modify your garret into a den. Of course you will require your garret or attic to at least have sizable dimensions. Then, light it dimly. Place a corner bar closet. Well-meaning cream upholstery will do for sitting. Have the room humidified as pitched roof allows for some moisture. Add a layer of asbestos beneath the pitched roof. Color it in bright orange.

Place a plasma television in another corner and a bougainvillea plant pot for remarkable fragrance. A special Ming vase in the middle will complete renovation. You will obviously need to empty the room of stores and may turn it into a casino den with proper poker tables. Have texture painting in facing wall for a difference.

PostHeaderIcon Luxuriate in front of gas fireplace

Gas fireplace are incredibly better instrument to save energy without making other changes. Your warmth will be equal and you will still luxuriate across the grate in your rocking chair.

With inserts, vent-free or direct vents, your gas fireplace have grown up exponentially. While inserts are designed to take the place of your traditional wood ingle, direct vent can be placed anywhere. You just need to allow it an outlet through the exterior wall for exhaustion. Vent-free generally use room air and modify it to provide warmth. The lattermost is highly energy conscious. Inserts work up a sweater technology and conserve warm air in the membrane between two boxes.

You can use propane gas for fireplace purpose. You may also have auto switches. This makes it even a kid-friendly jaunt. You can also regulate the heat using stoppers and skewers. Gone are the days of wood, coal and chimney. Use a gas fireplace instead.

PostHeaderIcon Cooking preference: Propane or Butane?

Propane or butane gas provide alternative cooking options along with electric system. With electric system, there is less chance of fire as flame is not direct. Plus, you need not think too much on venting your cooking area. That is an auto deal.

With propane or butane, your flame has an important role to play and can cause a few fires. However your grilled and barbequed food will have ethnic taste. These gases have a peculiar smell that adds up to the food taste and ensure better cooking.

Choosing between propane or butane is a tougher job. While you will get butane quite cheaper than propane, it is more prone to explosions. It is also harder to fully exhaust and leaves its traces in soot on your kitchen ceiling.

Butane works better with grilled food. However if you are cooking fried or baked food, propane is an obviously better choice.

PostHeaderIcon GFCI receptacle

Now, many people are going for tripped GFCI receptacle than the traditional fuse. Unlike the traditional fuse, where copper wires were used in the contraption and in case of overloading, automatically snapped up. This ensured that electricity was off before a fire could start.

In GFCI receptacle, there are two vertical slots and a round hole posing as hot, neutral and ground. Electricity always pass from high-conservation to low, and thus in case from hot to neutral. If it is the other way round due to problems in integrated circuit, it will snap in razor fast time.

This generally happens in bathrooms or kitchen; former because of profound water and later because of profuse use of electronic appliances like mixer and oven. Don’t use shallow boxes for its installment. See that wiring connections are done well and neutral wire does not connect with earthing. That would be fatal to your GFCI receptacle.