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PostHeaderIcon Decorating the exteriors of your dream home

The home exterior is to be spruced up by first trimming or weeding out overgrown shrubs. The lawn should be mowed and the driveway can be repaved or resealed. All broken assets should be fixed. The concrete patio is to be power washed, painted and raised in case it is sinking.

The health of roof and brick mortar should be ascertainment and refurbishment is to be done as required. The plants and shrubs are to be arranged in odd groupings based on diversity in color, texture and height with adequate space for healthy growth. The shutters should be in proportion to the window with a width of twelve inches. The color scheme should match that of trim, brick and siding. The mailbox should make a statement with its distinctive look and can be adorned with ceramic tiles and brass plates. Engraved monoliths can be placed in front of houses to add appeal.