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PostHeaderIcon Tips to keep termites off your wooden furniture

Preventing your furniture from termites attack is a better step to take rather than trying to get rid of them after they have infested your furniture. One thing you need to do is to keep your furniture away from is moisture. Use dehumidifiers or any such other product to keep moisture away from furniture. Standing water or any leakage through which water seeps into the room should be taken seriously and mended.

If your home and its surroundings are kept clean, there will be very less chance of termites breeding on your furniture. The cardboard boxes and wooden stuff which you do not require anymore should be done away with. The best option while purchasing new furniture for your home is to buy wooden furniture which is made with pressure-treated wood, decreasing the chances of termites attack a great deal. Keep your wooden furniture clean and polished, and do not let dirt or dust accumulate near it.

PostHeaderIcon An overview of space saving furniture

Most of the houses, today, are small and compact in nature. Most of the space in the home is taken by big furniture like bed and sofa set. Because of which there is hardly any space left to even walk in that room. But space saving furniture will assure you enough space whenever needed. One should also keep in mind that if guests come then they also have to be given enough space to sit or to stay for a night or two.

The fold down furniture like sofa cum bed and fold down table are a boon when you are living in a small apartment. You can easily purchase one of those inflated sofa cum lounger cum bed if you have a restricted space as after using it you can deflate it and can put it in any corner of your house. You can also find sofas which can be easily turned in to a bunk bed. So buy space saving furniture and have enough space in your home.

PostHeaderIcon Add elegance to your home décor with floor lamps

Floor lamps options are some lovely ways to enhance the beauty of your home décor. As the name suggests, floor lights are to be placed on ground and can be used either for general lighting or sometimes to highlight some specific area in the room.

The good part is that floor lights can provide you with a better lighting compared to the conventional ceiling lights that are at times too harsh against some cozy setting. The beauty of floor lamps lies in their soft diffusion that can bright up the entire area without being too strong.

You will find floor lamps in different sizes and shapes. There are the arch designs, then tridents and spirals as well. One can even get the lamps in a number of materials such as wood, brass, bronze etc. Arc lamps are especially for highlighting a particular area such as a bonsai or some handicraft on your wall.

PostHeaderIcon DIY carpeting guidelines

It is easier than you have thought actually; installing carpets isn’t really difficult as compared to decorating your house all by yourself. You need simple tools that you can find at your nearest hardware store; knee kicker, seaming iron, seam tape and cutter, power stretches, strip cutter and steam roller. Placing the under pad down in form of strips without overlapping them is the first step that needs to be done. You need to make sure to trim out the underlay in excess in order to make it look perfect.

Now you need to draw a line along the back of the carpet overlapped and trim out a plane edge just before overlapping with the help of a row cutter.  Using the seaming tape in the center of the seam right under it the adhesive is melted by the iron slowly. The edges of the carpets can now be pressed against each other followed by rolling the seam with a pin. The power stretcher keeps the carpet hooked and makes sure that it’s evenly pressed.