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PostHeaderIcon Diy Tips To Lay Slate Tiles

Lay Slate TilesSlate tiles can be a very nice material to use on the flooring of one’s house. It is a beautiful piece of material that can be used in very different ways to decorate homes. However, laying the floor without professional help may lead to a little bit of discomfort for the complete novice. And that is exactly where this article wants to fill the gap and come up with interesting tips for the same.

The most important tip to remember is that slate is porous and needs to be sealed with an sealant before thy can be used. However, there are some slate tiles that are pre-sealed and need no sealant before installing them. There are many types of such tiles ranging from the glossy ones to the most matte finish ones. One needs to choose according to his/her needs and choice. Also the cement that is used to hold together the tiles can be a very important aspect that is overlooked by most people.

PostHeaderIcon Mix and match your deign pattern for a hip décor

design pattern for a hip décorWhen you are designing, your house you should keep in mind that only one pattern of the design may seem boring after a point of time. You should be able to make combinations of different kind of patterns so the interest of the visitors never dies down. When you are doing your walls, try not to stick to just one color scheme for the house. You should team up the bright colors of the walls with certain dark shades for the windows and so on.

You also use wallpapers for the walls, which could be a mixture of different patterns, as they would make the house more vibrant. You can go for combinations like red and black as these two shades complement each other tremendously and the walls look attractive at one glance. Mixing and matching is important for effectively decorating the house and making the look more contemporary. Get creative with different color schemes and new patterns.

PostHeaderIcon How to decorate a special room just for her?

room decor, home decorIt is often thought that only women can accessorize and decorate a home but many men also want to gift a special room to that special girl in his life. A room solely dedicated to a woman should be such that whenever she enters the room, she feels secure and comfortable. Decorate a room with serene colors and classic furniture. Though pink is known as the feminine color, many people do not like it. Use pastel shades for her room. Put up a daybed with red or maroon mattress on which she can sit and relax. A television for her to flip through her favorite programs will do well.

Decorate in a manner to evoke emotions as it is the thing women can deeply relate with. Put up many small photo frames to store the memories she would love to cherish. Do not forget to keep a dresser for her beautiful dresses and a mirror for her to admire herself when she feels low.

PostHeaderIcon Timeless hues for your bedroom

bedroom paint, bedroom decorColors are said to evoke emotions in humans. Bedroom is that part of your house where you seek peace after an exhausting day. Choose the hues of your bedroom carefully so as to not stimulate your senses when you are trying to fall asleep.

Cool colors like lavender, green and shades of blue had been timelessly popular for bedroom décor. A bright shade of pink with turquoise, violet and red creates a good environment for you to feel optimistic after waking up. Aqua is a soothing and versatile color with watery connotations perfect for your bedroom. Dark warm colors make your room have a cozy feel but it also makes the room appear smaller. Apple green and shades of citrus brings a lovable natural appearance into the room. Pale blue is perfect to get an airy attitude and shades of sunny yellow are amazing bright colors for improving the effects your bedroom instills into you.


PostHeaderIcon Plantation shutters vs. horizontal blinds: which is a better pick?

Plantation shutters, horizontal blindsBlinds and shutters are window options and those who are looking forward to decorating their window according to their taste and choice have basically two options before them: Blinds and shutters. While plantation shutters and horizontal blinds are good, people tend to choose any one to give a uniform look to all their windows.

Here is a list of the few basic differences between plantation shutters and horizontal blinds that will help you decide which one is best for you:

1)     While horizontal blinds are mounted at the top of the window frame and can be moved up and down using a cord that is attached to the blinds, plantation shutters are mounted to the window and cannot be moved as such. Any movement whatsoever is controlled by a rod that runs through the shutters.

2)     Because plantation shutters are limited in their movements they conserve more energy when compared to horizontal blinds. Plantation shutters also help to keep the room cool in summer and warm in winter.