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PostHeaderIcon Advantages of fitted bathrooms

Fitted bathrooms, bathroomThere are a lot of advantages of the modular or the fitted bathroom furniture. Firstly, they will give your bathroom a very unique appeal. You will be able to make a complete customization with the furniture of the bathroom. Then, you will also be benefited when it comes to the storage space of the bathroom.

Such bathrooms are very efficient when it comes to saving space. Therefore, you will not have to deal with the problems of small and cramped bathrooms anymore if you are going for a fitted bathroom. Fitted bathrooms are designed very intelligently. Therefore, just a wall can be utilized in many different ways making the bathroom highly functional yet not cramped. The requirements of storage will be met with quite effectively with the fitted bathrooms. If you go with the right designs of the cabinets, the room will look aesthetic as well. Therefore, if you are a modern homeowner, you should go with fitted bathroom.

PostHeaderIcon Pocket friendly French county décor

French county décor, home decor ideasIt is often a wish for many to decorate their homes in the most unique fashion so that it looks different from others. One of the most popular designs that have recently become a trend in every home is the French county décor. It is suitable for both homes and offices because it gives that classy look wherever you apply it. Now there are various ways how you can approach with the French decoration in your home.

The first part should definitely be the doors and windows. Since they are the first thing which you notice when you enter a room it is important that you start with them first. After that you can move on to the furniture and the way you set them up. This is very crucial because there is a certain pattern which has to be followed when you are applying French county decoration in your room.

PostHeaderIcon Caring for your beautiful mirrors

Tips to maintain mirrors, home careIn the earlier days, mirrors were only used to see one’s refection just to evaluate how one is looking, or for makeup or for a hair-do. Today however, mirrors are more then just a piece of reflector. Today mirrors are intelligently used to give your house décor a different and impressive look. Mirrors can bring about drastic changes in your décor and even make a small room appear bigger and give the impression of a window if placed at the right way. With so many mirrors in your house, it is important to ensure that you take good care of them to ensure that they have the maximum effect.

Wipe your mirrors with a dry cloth everyday. This helps remove the dust that settles on the surface of mirrors every day. If there is something stuck on the mirror use a soft detergent spray and spray a little of the liquid on the spot and scrub lightly.

PostHeaderIcon Shower panel options for your bathroom

Shower panel, bathroom accessoriesShower panels can be used in bathrooms in a very elegant way to provide beauty to the bathroom and for privacy. These shower panel units are made in such a way that they can either be opened as placed vertically or horizontally. Glass and metal shower panels are very popular these days. Shower panels have not had the opportunity to become a common household option as many still believe it to be an exclusive luxury unit enhancement. This isn’t true as they actually come cheap in many designs, patterns and are made of many materials like glass, polymers and even laminated wood or metal.

You can enjoy the luxury or cold or warm or even lukewarm water at the push of a button. The shower panels have adjustable nozzles which can be turned as per needs. If you want, you can check out several online sites to buy these panels. Just make sure the size is correct for your bathroom and that the design suits the surroundings.

PostHeaderIcon Ceramic brick tiles-why they are popular

Ceramic brick tiles, home decorIf you want to give your house walls a clean cut, neat and precise look, then you should go for ceramic tiles. The main reason for their popularity is that they give the house an intense and neat look. You can obviously go for the pastel shades in lighter hues but you can also go for more bold colors like steel grey, brick red, Prussian blue and even in greens. The matte effect can actually provide the room with an enhanced passionate look.

Many people face the problem of water damage on walls where the paint starts peeling off. Also if some hole is screwed into the wall to hang something sometime, it may make the surrounding wall area loose and powdery. But in ceramic tiles, no such problems are there. This is because ceramic tiles are water resistant and very sturdy. They don’t get loose easily and more durable than most tiles.

PostHeaderIcon Slate for that rustic feel

Rustic home decor, home decorIf you are going for stone tiles then go for slate for that ultimate rustic feel. Though there are many different kinds of stone tiles available in the market which are rustic in their own way, only slate will give you that rustic feel that you are looking for and what’s more- it is last for long too.

One thing that has to be kept in mind when you are buying slate tiles is that they are sold in varying thickness. Thickness of the tile can vary within the set that you buy or within the same tile itself! Therefore it is of supreme importance that you lay out your tiles and decide on the best way to install them such that the difference does not affect you once it has been installed.

Though slate is the ultimate choice of those who want to go for that rustic feel and look it is better to install them with the help of professionals.