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PostHeaderIcon DIY tips to fix cracks in window casings

window  care, home careIf you find any cracks in the window casings, then you must take immediate steps to fix the cracks. You can hire personnel to fix the cracks but it may cost you a few bucks. So first of all try to investigate the cracks properly. If the crack is not serious enough, then you can fix it on your own. This will save your money.

You just need to go to the hardware shop and get some pudding or filler for the window casings cracks. Dissolve the filler in water and then apply it to the crack. Don’t make the mixture too much watery or else it won’t be possible to fix the crack.

Normally the instruction for the mixture is given at the manual. Follow the instruction and prepare the mixture. Once you are done preparing it, put the mixture in to the crack and give it sufficient time to dry. When dried, the crack would be completely closed and you will save money a lot of money.