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PostHeaderIcon Granite countertop – a must have in any kitchen

Granite Countertops, kitchen decorGranite countertop is a must have for any kitchen space. It’s the most preferred choice for the interior designers given the many benefits it comes up with. The article here presents a brief on the many advantages of granite countertop.

First of all, granite is sturdy and durable and hence you can be assured of a long term investment here. Then another vital significance here is that granite is scratch resistant, stain resistant and heat proof. Thus, it won’t be affected from the constantly heated up kitchen atmosphere and as its stain and scratch resistant you can easily carry out all your cooking activities here without tension.

Finally, granite is a beautiful stone and is always held high thanks to its elegant aura. Moreover you will find it in a variety of colors and textures to choose from. Thus, you can always have your preferred one as per your very kitchen decor.

PostHeaderIcon Caring for the doors

Caring for the doorsCleaning your door handles and knobs is as important as cleaning your entire room. These are little pieces of furniture that are often not cleaned. If you use brass furniture then the first thing you need to do is take some lemon and dip it in salt. Rub the fruit on the door knobs or latches. Use cotton to wipe it after it has been scrubbed with the fruit. Your furniture will look new. If you use a glass door for your bathroom then you have to extra careful since glass is prone to mildew and soap scum.

The solution is absolutely simple. All you have to do is replace liquid soap in place of a bar soap. Another easy solution is to mix a cup of liquid fabric softener with some warm water. With the help of a sponge use this mixture on your glass door to give it a shine.

PostHeaderIcon Maintaining your glass furnishing effectively

glass furnishing , home careGlass furnishing is often preferred given its timeless elegance and classy beauty. Glass centre tables and dining tables are common in many homes. Now, it’s needless to remind that glass is a fragile structure and thus it demands proper maintenance tips to ensure its elegance forever.

Always use a table cloth over the glassy surface. If you have a colored glass and you don’t want to hide it under tablecloths, get different coasters for it. Always place your coffee mugs or snack platter on the coasters only- don’t allow anything to come in direct touch with the glass surface. Ask your guests to do the same. Never put anything too heavy on the glass tables.

You must clean up your glass tables regularly to ensure its shine and luster. Use warm water with a mild cleanser for washing and after that buff up the glassy surface with soft cotton cloth.

PostHeaderIcon Doing up the walls of your little one’s den

kids room decor, home decorHow to do up the wall art for your kid’s room? Well, before proceeding it’s to mention that the wall décor for a little den should be simple yet cute sans any sort of exaggeration as it’s for the kids and their tiny friends.

The best kind of wall art for your kid’s room should be hand drawn pictures on the wall. You will get professionals who are ready to deck up the walls with portraits of cartoon characters, animals, flowers or Disney fairies & princesses. If your little one has a knack for painting encourage her/him to come up with their favorite paintworks for their own walls.

A collage with colorful family or friend photos would also be a nice addition to the wall. You can also make a collage with kid’s cute snaps captured over the years since birth. Kids’ special wallpapers and posters would also work to create adorable wall décor for the tiny one’s chamber.