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PostHeaderIcon Tips on kids room color

kids room colorIf you are expecting a baby then out of the many things that you have in mind the first thing that you should pay attention to is the room in which the baby will be kept. Now decorating a kid’s room from the very beginning can be a bit tedious since it needs precision in each and every detail. You would obviously not the room to be incomplete when the baby comes. It should look like a wonderland and if you are a bit careful then it can be done. One of the most important things that make a kid’s room look good is the color. You just cannot paint the room with any random color that comes to your mind. When you are coloring a kid’s room the basic idea is to make is pleasant for everyone’s eyes and that is why it would be best if you choose some light shades. Some of the popular colors in this category are baby pink, light sky, mauve and many such light shades.

Choosing the correct color for your kid’s room can also be done if you have a particular theme in mind. If your kid is 5 or 6 years old and loves to play games then you can select different sports themes for which green would be the suitable color. If she is fond of dolls and stuff then you have the option of pink. Apart from that if you have a different theme in mind such as cartoons and things like that then you should always try the light sky blue color. So the idea of coloring your kid’s room depends on various factors and if you pay a little heed to the details then you will not find the job tedious at all. Rather it would be quite interesting for you.

PostHeaderIcon Bamboo flooring is a great choice for smart and stylish flooring

Bamboo flooringAre you looking for the right flooring option which is smart as well as stylish? Many homeowners prefer hardwood flooring given the very elegance of timber- but the continuous use of hardwood can be a threat to ecological resources. The rising environmental degradation these days call for an eco-friendly flooring that would beautify your house with due regard for the environment. A true smart flooring is the one that can ensure complete safeguard for the Mother Earth. You can count on bamboo flooring here as its one of the best options for environment friendly flooring. The post here discuses on the advantages of bamboo flooring followed by a brief on proper bamboo floor maintenance.

Benefits of bamboo flooring

The primary benefit of bamboo flooring is its eco-friendly. The tall grass grows in abundance and the best part is that it takes little time for bamboo regeneration, after it’s chopped off. It’s to stress here that the bamboo plant takes maximum 2-3 years to reach up to full stature while the usual timber trees will consume around 2 decades to grow up to full length. Then, bamboo flooring looks really stylish and would be a complementary match with your chic trendy décor. Besides, the flooring is durable and a worthy investment always.

Bamboo floor maintenance

You should be careful with bamboo floor maintenance. First of all, you should take care to sweep clean your bamboo floor everyday. It’s best to vacuum the floors as the vacuum brush would be able to reach up to every nook and corner of the floor. Do not, ever, use water on bamboo flooring. Remember bamboo flooring is vulnerable to dents and scratches. Hence pad up your sofa, chair and table ends before placing them on the floor. Never wear high heels on your bamboo floor.