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Steel framed buildingUsually most of the structures of steel are made up from a specific type of steel. This specific type of steel is called mild steel. Mild steel is a type of material which is extremely strong. If you are taking a circular bar of steel which is 1 inch in diameter and you attach it to your ceiling then it has the capacity to hang weight of 20,000 kg or 18 cars of Honda city or two and a half African elephants.  This steel is that strong.

This extreme level of strength is very beneficial to buildings. Apart from being strong, steel frames also offers a great level of flexibility. It has a quality of not breaking when it is bending. Thus when your home is having steel framed structure and your home moves at the time of earthquake or high winds. In these situations also steel framing is such that it won’t allow your building to bend or fall. Another benefit of having steel framed building is that it possesses plasticity and ductility. This means that when it is hit with great force then it will not break like glass does but it will slowly bend and go out of shape. However out of shape is far better than breaking. Thus this bending and going out of shape acts like a warning to the residents that they should get out of building. It can save life in this manner.

Failure of steel structure is very rare. In most of the cases, steel is considered to be a better option when there is earthquake as compared to other materials. With such great qualities it also has one limitation and that steel loses its strength easily when it is exposed to fire. Thus steel buildings must be protected from fire and high temperature. To overcome this situation wrapping is done with board or spray on is done on material for fire protection.

Where steel framed structures are used?

Most probably steel construction is used in

  • High rise building

It is used in high rise building because of its quality of low eight, strength and speed of construction.

  • Industrial buildings

Steel is used in industrial building as it has capacity to create large span spaces at lower cost.

  • Warehouse building

Steel is used in warehouse building because it’s costing is lower and it can create large span spaces.

  • Residential buildings

Steel is used in residential buildings because of its specific technique of light gauge steel construction.

  • Temporary structures

Steel is a material which is easy to set up and remove and thus it is used in the temporary structure.

Weight of steel framed structures

When compared to the concrete structured building, steel framed building is much lighter. Steel framed buildings are 12 times lighter as compared to concrete framed building and thus steel framed buildings are more preferred and beneficial. But you need to be careful as they are light weighted; you need to have a strong foundation so that the wind does not blow away your steel framed building.