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Wall DecorYour walls might be perfect and doing the right contribution to your home in its beauty and elegance. But that does not mean that it should be simply kept hanging. There are many ways which will help to pull the weight of the wall along with adding charm and functionality of every room of your house. Here are some of the ways to get started with.

  • Add texture

If you think of giving your wall some of the importance rather than thinking of it just as a simple flat surface then you are availed with many of the opportunities to get of the box and have some innovating ideas to apply on your wall.  Start with the texture, imagine what kind of textures you would love to see in your house and what type of feeling you want to have while you are at home. If you want romantic feeling then opt for lightweight or soft textures. If you want to go for subdued options then it will give you somewhat snug feeling.

Wallpaper is a good source and option for ejecting feeling and a different personality to your room. There are plenty of wallpapers to add textures to your home. Brown is very much in trend and is somewhat into giving edgy designs. They are like crocodile skin and animal prints. For eg they give a feeling like having an animal fur on the wall. It is truly amazing. Fabric is also a great texture for style statement and it is also cheap and gives your wall opulent and lush look.

  • Know your artwork

This doesn’t mean you need to have a great artwork on your wall but you do need to have some stylish personality there. Your walls are just like a blank canvas and you need to fill it with artistic beauty. Your artwork must define who you are and your personality should math with that of your wall. You should hang your artwork at a height of eye. People have a tendency of hanging it too high which disturbs the balance of the whole room. One of the unique way to keep your artwork is to lean it on the floor near wall or on a side board instead of traditionally hanging it on the wall.

  • Use ordinary ideas for amazing results

Think of such ideas which will enhance the beauty of your wall along with being useful in day to day activities. The best thing is a mirror. Any room is incomplete without a mirror. You can use a wall leaning mirror or a huge hanging mirror with trendy lighting attached to it. Another option is to make a storage option attached to your wall. It will help you to store your everyday stuff and also beautify the plane and simple wall. This idea is very much essential for those who want to live a large and spacious life in small space. Sometimes very unusual, very simple things also come out to be a good object to beautify your home, you just need to think out of the box and be innovative.