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PostHeaderIcon Types of Beds for your Bedroom

Relaxation, comfortable sleep and luxury are some synonyms that are used for beds, right? But we have stipulated pattern of beds in our mind that pops up while thinking of having bed. Different and varied type of beds are available that helps you in following large range of styles and designs, suitable for your bedroom. Increase your sleeping option which leads to different types of beds. Don’t let your beauty sleep discomfort by installing the regular shaped bed at your home. Be fragile while making decision of having a stylish bed in your bedroom. Not only varied styles of patterns but comfort are among the important essential to take in to account. Trial your needs and then select appropriate type of bed that suits your home and your lifestyle too.

The guidance will prove best buying guide for you while having the process of selecting different types of bed for your home. There are numerous choices and options that are available to you but picking up the correct bed is your decision. Many factors should be taken into account while selecting types of bed such as space limitation, size and measurement of bed, color of bed and pattern that you are selecting. Don’t go for compromising your needs, you are not going buy bed many times, right? Select appropriate bed for not only increasing the beauty of your bedroom but your comfortable use too. Varied types of beds are listed below for your assistance while having the process of selecting different types of bed for your home.

Types of beds for your bedroom


  • Sleigh Bed


Grey colored Sleigh Bed

Constructed Sleigh Bed for bedroom

Opting for smarter looking bed for your bedroom? Sleigh bed is among the best option to go for. It is popular for its bold stamen and appealing look. Sleigh bed is different from those of the standard styled beds. In one word, sleigh bed brings a stylish look to your bedroom. Different materials are used for making it such as metal, wood but it is more popular in its leather look. Vintage effect is another word that describes this bed. It provides way more than you expect. Sleigh beds are a perfect choice among different types of bed to have it installed in your room.


  • Divan Bed


Divan Bed installed in bedrrom

Divan Bed with white mattress

If you are planning of having multiple tasked beds for your bedroom, Divan bed is your right choice to have. They are made in two different parts that sums up in providing maximum storage space. The base of it is constructed with the help of wooden material and that is used for storing the stuff of your bedroom. Divan beds are more prevalent for its specifying features. It provides ample of space to organizing the items of your bedroom that is more beneficial for the home owners. It is more functional and practical for better usage. Not only that, extensive range of design and patterns are available in divan beds. Add up different colors and designs that suit your bedroom. Divan bed is having its historical touch too because it is being used before many years.


  • Sofa Bed


Sofa Bed with cushions and blanket

Sofa Bed constructed model

In the list of multi- functional furniture items, Sofa bed is added to the list because of its varied and different features that is useful for the home owners. If you are in need of such bed that is used both in day time and night life too then, Sofa bed is your right choice. In day time make it work like sofa by folding its part in and in night time, use it like a bed by pulling out its part that form the shape of bed. Smart bed is another name of sofa bed because it also provides good amount of storage place for storing your household items in it. Small apartment now have a better version for bed. Sofa bed is more favorable for them. Many benefits are available of installing it such as requires less space, more storage option, different colors and patterns, and ideal for small apartments.


  • Futon Bed


White colored Futon Bed

Futon Bed installation

One of the most efficient beds to be called is futon bed. Its structuring is bit different than the standard beds. Padded mattress is laid on and is used for the means of sleeping. While in day time, you can fold it and easily place it in your closet. One of the best option of different type sof bed for those who are living alone. The idea futon bed is originated from japan and its core function is taking less space in your bedroom. Wooden and metal frames are used for laying the futon bed on it. Fascinating colors are available in it. There are many uses like it can be used in the form of sofa for your living room, used as bed for bedroom, and can be placed anywhere at your home. Different removable covers are available so that you can change the colors and customize it when required.


  • Bunk Bed


Two layered Bunk Bed

Two storey Bunk Bed

Planning beds for your children at your home? Bunk beds work appropriately for your choice. It is specifically designed for kids and is kids friendly in designs and styles. It can be used for more than one person for sleeping. Storage space is also added to its structure, so that you can keep your important stuff with you. It contains two framed layer that are cumulative to each other. The top surface of the bed is guarded with a ladder to climb up in your top bed. Such types of bed are also observed in hostels, hotels and kids summer camps. Well, it seems to have been in latest trend and its styling is unique for the users. Metal, wooden and many other materials are available in this type of bed.


So what you are waiting for, go and grab your favorite type of bed that is suitable in your bedroom and your home too.