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It’s not a big secret that home decoration is not a cheap thing to do and we are all always short on our budget. Even if you are thinking of redecorating a small room, it can cost really high. What type of flooring you want to opt for carpeting or hardwood? What kind of paint do you want while home decorating? What type of wall hanging or wall art you want to opt for while home decoration? Are you going to buy the new furniture while home decoration? What about the lighting fixtures and such other accessories? The idea of implementing all these things, while opting for home decoration is really overwhelming. But you try to fix all this overwhelming things into a tight budget, it does not remain that overwhelming instead turn out to be a real head ache and you think of dropping down the whole idea of home decoration as you find it really inapplicable in your budget. But there is a kid way out instead of dropping it. There are certain tips and tricks by which you can undergo the project of home decoration even on a tight budget. Here are some of the tips by which you can get your dream home without having to pay the price of designers.

  • Plan before beginning

For any home decoration project, proper planning is the key, that too when you have to work on a tight budget it becomes a necessity. No one wants to face such a situation where they have found the right bed to discover at later stage where they don’t have enough money to pay for it and have a gorgeous bathtub they ordered online in cheap prices which has arrived to not to fit in your bathroom. Doing a little bit planning work before starting home decoration will save you from unplanned surprising, or rather say shocking situations, which are discover at a later stage. To start with, find a design inspiration. Surf the internet or look out in magazines to find the design ideas which can fit into your space. After that move on to other components like flooring, painting, accessories, walls, furniture and such other parts. Check out different home improvement stores for getting the idea on the prevailing market prices. While you are taking estimates of coat make sure to also include any additional cost relating to it like hiring any professional for installation or any such other charges. Once you get all the price points in mind, compare it with your available finances. Be honest while making such comparison, if your decided amount falls short then put some of the things aside and carry on with the other.

  • Repurpose all those things which you already have

There is no denial that repurposing the old things is not at all fun and not at all exciting like arrival of new pieces from store. But if you become little bit creative and try little bit harder than repurposing old things can really do magic while your home decoration. It will also set with your tight budgetary needs. Take a look at your existing place and give a thought outside the box and think how you can refurbish the items which you are currently using. Are you really in need of the new cabinets for kitchen or refacing them is all that is needed. Do you really need to renovate your entire bedroom while home decoration or giving just a fresh coat of paint will be enough? Do some research and analyze your current home situation as to what to repurpose and what to buy new.

  • Anchor the room with furniture

Working on a tight budget is usually about prioritizing your needs. When you have more needs and less money, you need to spend at those places where you can get the most of your money. In case of home decoration, this means allocation a major portion towards buying quality furniture. Furniture is really a smart place to spend your budget as it is going to last for any years. Furniture is not like paint or other accessories which will fade in certain time or go out of trend in few years. Having invested a good amount in furniture, while home decoration; it would last for so long making your home looking good. Having a good sofa in drawing room or a great bed in bedroom half of the work of home decoration is finished. Bunch of small home decorating items would not do the same as a good bed does in your home.

  • Buying furniture without stains and varnishes

Yes of course you want to invest in goof furniture; you can also save some bucks by buying the furniture which is unfinished. You will not get as good looking furniture as you have seen in the stores while research but you can get it at really low cost as the manufacturer cannot hide imperfections of varnishes and paint.

  • Go for buying second hand things

When you are opting for home decoration project with tight budget, there are some or the other areas where in you have to make compromise. Buying all the stuff new can really be very much expensive, instead opt for buying second hand items. It’s not always necessary that second hand items are bad. If you do proper research, you can also find many great things in second hand. Check out for second hand furniture in stores or you can also see websites online which are dealing with second hand items. Don’t take the decision instant, take out some time and then make your search and then come to conclusion as to which things to buy second hand  and which things to buy new. Furniture is the biggest thing where you can save as you cannot have second hand paint. Make sure you have a proper eye on the quality of the thing you are buying second hand as you don’t want5 to get cheated with poor quality things.