PostHeaderIcon Caring for your beautiful mirrors

Tips to maintain mirrors, home careIn the earlier days, mirrors were only used to see one’s refection just to evaluate how one is looking, or for makeup or for a hair-do. Today however, mirrors are more then just a piece of reflector. Today mirrors are intelligently used to give your house décor a different and impressive look. Mirrors can bring about drastic changes in your décor and even make a small room appear bigger and give the impression of a window if placed at the right way. With so many mirrors in your house, it is important to ensure that you take good care of them to ensure that they have the maximum effect.

Wipe your mirrors with a dry cloth everyday. This helps remove the dust that settles on the surface of mirrors every day. If there is something stuck on the mirror use a soft detergent spray and spray a little of the liquid on the spot and scrub lightly.

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