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PostHeaderIcon Fun Themes for Your Daughter’s Bedroom


Any girl would want their rooms decorated with the best themes. Basically, the task needs a lot of experimenting so as to find the best theme which would go well her taste. This must be taken keenly since any decorations which are not agreement with her preferences would cause panic to your daughter.

So if your daughter loves dolls, you can consider painting a portion of the room with wonder world dolls. Try to use the fascinating colors such pink, while, yellow which are basically adored by most girls. Also try to include a few of her role model pictures on the wall which could really complement the whole setting. To make the whole event a success, you can always ask your daughter what she would love as a theme for her bedroom before the task. This could ensure that the whole process becomes a success. It is very easy.

PostHeaderIcon Decorating A Small Teens Bedroom

nullDecorating a teen’s bedroom is not a matter of joke. This is the time of their life when they are evolving and searching for a separate identity for themselves. Their room too would reflect the conflict of thoughts and their search of identity.

Decorating a small teen’s bedroom is a difficult task. This is so as loads of tings books, toys, sports gear everything needs to go into that one small room. Here are a few tips to ensure that you decorate a small teen’s bedroom to the best of your ability.

Keep the walls bright and vibrant. If your teen is interested in any particular character like Ben 10 or Hannah Montana, then you can also put their figures on the walls.

Keep the furniture minimalistic with loads of storage options. Remember that the teens need lot of space to move about so no point cluttering up their space.

Try and fit in a bunker bed so that your teen’s friends can sleep over whenever they want.