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PostHeaderIcon Steel Frame Structures

Steel framed buildingUsually most of the structures of steel are made up from a specific type of steel. This specific type of steel is called mild steel. Mild steel is a type of material which is extremely strong. If you are taking a circular bar of steel which is 1 inch in diameter and you attach it to your ceiling then it has the capacity to hang weight of 20,000 kg or 18 cars of Honda city or two and a half African elephants.  This steel is that strong.

This extreme level of strength is very beneficial to buildings. Apart from being strong, steel frames also offers a great level of flexibility. It has a quality of not breaking when it is bending. Thus when your home is having steel framed structure and your home moves at the time of earthquake or high winds. In these situations also steel framing is such that it won’t allow your building to bend or fall. Another benefit of having steel framed building is that it possesses plasticity and ductility. This means that when it is hit with great force then it will not break like glass does but it will slowly bend and go out of shape. However out of shape is far better than breaking. Thus this bending and going out of shape acts like a warning to the residents that they should get out of building. It can save life in this manner.

Failure of steel structure is very rare. In most of the cases, steel is considered to be a better option when there is earthquake as compared to other materials. With such great qualities it also has one limitation and that steel loses its strength easily when it is exposed to fire. Thus steel buildings must be protected from fire and high temperature. To overcome this situation wrapping is done with board or spray on is done on material for fire protection.

Where steel framed structures are used?

Most probably steel construction is used in

  • High rise building

It is used in high rise building because of its quality of low eight, strength and speed of construction.

  • Industrial buildings

Steel is used in industrial building as it has capacity to create large span spaces at lower cost.

  • Warehouse building

Steel is used in warehouse building because it’s costing is lower and it can create large span spaces.

  • Residential buildings

Steel is used in residential buildings because of its specific technique of light gauge steel construction.

  • Temporary structures

Steel is a material which is easy to set up and remove and thus it is used in the temporary structure.

Weight of steel framed structures

When compared to the concrete structured building, steel framed building is much lighter. Steel framed buildings are 12 times lighter as compared to concrete framed building and thus steel framed buildings are more preferred and beneficial. But you need to be careful as they are light weighted; you need to have a strong foundation so that the wind does not blow away your steel framed building.


PostHeaderIcon Drywall installation and repair

Drywall installation , home construction tipsSince the time immemorial it has been invented, drywalls have helped many home owners save a lot of money in the initial cost of construction of a house. Also known as the wallboard, the drywalls biggest advantage apart from being low on cost is the fact that it is very easy to maintain and repair. Not to mention the fact that installation of the drywall saves up a lot of time which ensures that the overall time required for the construction of the house is reduced greatly.

All you need to ensure is the fact that you have the basic tools such as a stainless steel mud pan, paper joint tape, steel knife and a cordless driver and you can with a little supervision put it up yourself. It is as easy as 1, 2 and 3.
Now when it comes down to repairing a dry wall, it depends upon the extent of the damage that has been caused which can range from a small hole to a big hole but it is equally simple and not at all expensive making the drywall one of the most chosen options in home constructions.

PostHeaderIcon Varieties of home foundation options

home foundation optionsDo you want to have solid foundation for your house? Well then you should remember that all the well built houses are strongly dependent on their foundation. So while choosing your foundation options you should be really careful. Now several things are to be considered in terms of selecting a foundation and geographical location is one of such important criteria. Beam foundation, pier foundation are mostly meant for the small houses.

And all of these foundations provide a number of benefits to you on the basis of your need, in the pier beam foundation you will get to fix your foundation on the wood beams or on the construct piers. One of the main benefits of making such foundation is that you will be able to set up them quite easily and these foundations are deeply grounded into the ground. If you have basement with your house then concrete perimeter foundation will be the best idea.

PostHeaderIcon Reasons for having an Insulated Window

An insulated window is a great relief for people inhabiting in highly congested regions as these windows tend to ward off the intrusion of extraneous noise and environmental pollutants inside the home. They serve to slash down energy bills by paving way for retention of energy in house.

The circulating cool air is trapped by them during summers to aid air conditioners in functioning effectively without burning redundant electricity. In winter time, the warm ambient air is restricted inside and the access of chill extraneous breeze is cut thus keeping the occupants warm. The windows require minimal maintenance, are resistant to termite attacks, highly durable, and can perform optimally even while exposed for long durations to rain, wind and sun. The insulated windows are made up of ultra durable and strong components by incorporating latest technology and undergoing rigorous strength tests which make it a security apparatus safeguarding the inmates from potential burglary attempts too.

PostHeaderIcon Siding with Stone

There are two ways of siding with stone. One is the natural siding with stone and the faux pas siding with stone. The difference between both the siding stone is that the former is formed when the actual stones are harvested and it is processed from the quarries. The latter is formed where no actual stone is used. The mixture is put into moulds and it takes the shape of false stone.

In natural stone siding, individual stone is taken care of by putting it inside mortar. With granite wall coding you will get a very aristocratic look and the structure remains intact for a longer period of time. In the faux pas case, everything is possible although the case in unreal you will get a real feeling of the siding stone.

Do not get confused as to what to choose, speak with a professional team to help you make the right choice. Normally people are now going for the faux pas one as it is cheaper that the natural one.

PostHeaderIcon Is Plastic Pipe the Right Option for Your Home?

Plastic pipes are the versatile ones and are best suited for your home. It is highly adaptable for home purpose. Now a day’s lead pipes have become obsolete in nature and it is not good for home use. If one goes through the environmental concern then plastic pipes are renewable in nature and can be made from the torn away materials.

Scientists say that plastic are highly durable and hard wearing in nature and can stay in its correct texture for many years. Since it is adaptable in many ways, it is cheaper than many other piping materials. So there many advantages and is actually that plastic pipes are the right options for our home.

Different kinds of plastic pipes are available in the market, PVC and CPVC. Both the types are the favorite of the house owners as both are long lasting and durable in nature.

PostHeaderIcon Installing Trim Around Vinyl Floors

The two companion projects are vinyl floor installation and trim around installation. There are three basic ways of installing trim around the vinyl floors. The cheapest way of doing it is that one can remove and then reinstall the trim. New floor trims can be installed to bring about a new look. One can even think of installing quarter round trim along the vinyl flooring.

The preferences depend from one owner to the other. For any confusion, you can always consult a professional contractor. People choose for trim installation is that it holds the primary floor installation in place. One can go in for varieties of floor trims available in the market. They add essence to the decoration of the house.You should first get hold of the estimates for the contractor and then start your work. It is a very easy process and you will enjoy the changes made inside your house.

PostHeaderIcon Jumping into Swimming Pool Design

Before going for construction of a swimming pool, its design is a vital point to be chosen in right manner. There are two types of swimming pool, one is in ground pool and the other is above ground pool. There are both advantages and disadvantages for these two types of swimming pools. In ground, pools are erected from materials like concrete, fiberglass or vinyl. Concrete pools are known for their versatility and durability. However, concrete pools are difficult to install and time required for installation is lengthy. Vinyl pools are built by using frames of steel. As far as versatility is concerned, both vinyl and concrete pools are almost same but vinyl linings are more prone to being damaged quickly.

In regards above grounds pools, there are two choices available. One is soft-sided and the other one is hard-sided. Durability of soft-sided are less while they are very cost effective. Hard-sided pools are more durable and their making costs vary according to owner’s budget.

PostHeaderIcon Green Wood Shake and Composite Roofing

The roof in your house is one of the main components that determine the room temperature in your room and accordingly the heat or the moisture supply is dependent. Hence, when you are re decorating your house, you should give importance in taking care of your roof thus decorating it.

Recently, in almost all regions in America, green roofing, use of wood shake and composite roofing strategies are being implemented. The users have been satisfied with the positive effects that they have derived from installing such roofing systems in their houses. Such roofing strategies will not let you shell out a lot of money from your pocket and at the same time would decorate your roof, thus giving it a spectacular look.

Giving the ultimate comfort at reasonable prices, green wood shake and composite roofing are fabulous strategies for people who are looking forward to re decorate their house for making it look great.

PostHeaderIcon Add Custom Beauty to Your Home with Blown Glass

Glass blowing is a concept that is becoming popular over the years. Glass blowers are offering their work of art to homeowners to add soberness to the house. These Blown Glasses, which once beautified only art museums, are making their way into residential homes.The areas of the house where custom-made blown glass finds extensive use are the lights and the sink.

The blown glass comes in various designs and colors. The vessel sinks are manufactured using blown glass. These sinks are also a contemporary of the blown glass in gaining popularity. They add a special décor to the countertop of the bathroom. Lightings made from blown glass enhance the austerity of any room. They are replacing the crystal chandeliers. Though there is not much difference in the cost of blown glass chandeliers and crystal chandeliers, yet the former is slowly gaining popularity. This is because suitably modified blown glass lights are available.