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PostHeaderIcon Tips For Cleaning Your Gutter

tips of cleaning your gutters

ways of cleaning your gutters

If majority of the home owners will be knowing the proper ways to clean your gutters, then there would be very much less injuries and deaths and also very much less property damage. But unfortunately, it is not the case and not all of us know what the proper way is to clean your gutter. Even though you don’t know, you will not make proper research and then make mistakes and regret those at the end. Basically fall is the season when there is highest need of cleaning your gutter and downspout system properly. If not done so, costly repairs can be added up from freezing or rain water damage. It’s the right time to clean up those clogged gutters and make sure to do it safely. You should go for cleaning your cutter yourself only if you are a handy person and comfortable doing such things. If you are not comfortable with such things then it’s better not to risk your safety and call a professional for cleaning your gutter. Cleaning your gutters is really an easy task still we often get to hear someone getting hurt which is really irritating as it can be avoided easily if proper gutter cleaning tips have been followed. Here are some of the extremely helpful tips for cleaning your gutters which must be followed if you want safe gutter cleaning and efficient gutter cleaning without any damage.

  • Practice ladder safety

It’s safe when someone always know that you are working on the roof. It’s always risky to work on the ladder and accident can happen at any time and hence it’s better if someone knows that you are working on the roof. Make sure that you are using a safe and steady ladder and prefer one having small shelf which is strong enough to easily hold five a gallon of bucket for collecting debris and making sure to secure the bucket with a lanyard. If you are working on a single story structure then a four legged ladder will be good choice for you. If you have to work on two story structure or structure higher than that, then you will have to use an extension ladder. You must not go for a wooden ladder as it is usually wobbly and bit difficult to maintain valance safely. You should also not opt for an orchard ladder as it is having only three legs for its support and they can easily get unbalanced. Fiberglas ladder are the sturdiest but they are also heaviest. If you are cleaning your gutters for many hours then moving heavy ladder very often can lead you to muscle pain.

  • Use a garden hose

While cleaning your gutter, you should use a garden hose which should preferably have pistol grip with trigger spray nozzle. This type of nozzle will allow you to adjust the water pressure while cleaning your gutter with just one hand. A pistol grip spray nozzle will easily hang upon the front edge of gutter while using a gutter scoop or while moving the ladder. This makes the task of cleaning your gutters very much easy and comfortable.

  • Use a gutter scoop

If you want to scoop out the leafy debris then it is the best overall methods for cleaning your gutters. One of the best tools for cleaning your gutters is plastic scooping tools which is available at any of the hardware stores. Plastic scooping tools are very much unique due to its front scooping edge which is very much thin and it forms itself to the gutter trough which will make it easier to scoop even the toughest debris in any of the size of the gutter system. Make sure you are not using a metal scooping tool as bottom of the seams and gutters can be easily scratched and damaged. If the bottoms of steel areas are scratched then it can introduce those areas to rust and the bottom is already rusting then this process can be speeded up by using metal scoop.

  • Protect your hands

Gloves can help you protect the hands against the rotting leaf debris. While cleaning you gutter, you have to clean many ugly things which can make you feel dirty and can also hurt your hands and thus it is advisable to use gloves for safer side. You might have to clean droppings of pigeons, birds and squirrel which can have hidden bacteria in them not good for your hands. Gloves can also protect you from the harmful cuts which you get from torn metal shards of old ragged gutter while cleaning your gutter. Using cotton gloves will soak up the dirty water which exposes the skin to bacteria. Leather gloves can also be used but they generally shrivel up when they get dry after cleaning.

  • Protect your eyes

Eye protection is also very much important whole cleaning your gutters. You never know what can suddenly come out of the gutter and enter into your eye and damage your eyes. People have experienced, sudden movement of rats, birds, reptiles, bees, frogs flying out of the gutter while cleaning hem and angering their eyes. Thus to avoid such situation it’s advisable to always put on safety glasses for protection of your eyes in any situation.

  • Clean the roof

Cleaning the roof is also important after cleaning your gutter. When you clean your gutter there are many things which come out of your gutter and get onto your roof making it dirty? If you leave that dirt on the roof itself, chances are there within less time only these things will fly with the wind and make your gutter dirty again and all your efforts of cleaning your gutter will go in vain. Clean the roof with the nozzle spray only makes sure there is no dirt, dust or debris present on your roof and making your roof dirty. You Can also use a pressure washer if you want to.


PostHeaderIcon How to Maintain your Roof

how to maintain roofConstruction of roofs is not an easy thing. Many criteria, aspects are taken before constructing roofs because preparing a roof is very useful, it protects the house from wind, storm, water, heat, etc not only from that but also from animals. Before placing or structuring your roof preventive steps should be taken into consideration because roofing is constructed at the top of the house and there are many chances of injuries and accidents while the workers constructing the roofs. Such a roofing contractor must be hired who is well experienced in this field and also has the knowledge of its wear and tear. Not only its construction but its maintenance is also the issue of roofing.

The maintenance is very important step which the owner of the house will have to comply with. If the roof is properly maintained than the life of roofs last longer than estimated. Because installation of roof is not less expensive, people cannot afford installing new roof every year. Once the roof is installed at your home it will the same for more than ten years. So it is mandatory to keep a regular check on the roofs constructed in your home. There are many ways that can be useful to you as guiding steps for maintaining the roofs constructed. Here are some points which can help you for your roofing questions.


Points To Be Considered:


  1. while checking the updates for the roof you have installed if any leakage or drainage is detected than it must be covered and roof flashing should be done so that the life of your roof gets extended.



  1. Every two or three months the inspection of roofing must be done so that any errors which have arise can be solved. And precaution should be taken before structuring your roof.


  1. The broken parts or shingles which are constructed on the roof must be repaired on time so that it does not create any huge damage to the roof. Because of its broken shingles there are many chances of water drainage and flashing can be affected.


  1. There are chances of lichen and algae on the edges of shingles or the tiles fitted on the roof. So a proper cleanser must be done regularly because algae make the durability of the roof less.


  1. The crakes which arise due to any heavy rainfall or storm should be filled up so that it does not create any bad effect on roof. These crakes can be filled up with the help of cement or any flashing component so that water does not drain from the roof in house.


  1. The roof should be coated every year for high durability because if the roof is coated properly with color than its life increases as compared to that of not coated. Coating plays an important role which will help in maintaining the roof in a specific manner.


  1. A roofing plan is to be structured so that it becomes easy for the owner to check the best time to repair and maintain your roof.

PostHeaderIcon How to select flooring for your home

Flooring with interior designThe choice of your flooring makes or mars the first impressions of your house. And it’s not just about the color or the pattern but the type of flooring and whether it blends well with the décor of your house. The flooring of your house is a reflection of your personality.

And with so many options, colors, patterns and materials, it becomes all the more difficult to pick that perfect one. The way is to break the process of selection in smaller parts and then go about addressing each of the parts individually.


  • Determine the style that suits your home

Each one of us has a personal taste. Some like to go for classic and traditional look flooring while some like to go for chic, and some opt for contemporary look while others prefer modern flooring. Analyze all the options and don’t just go for your personal taste, instead choose the one which suits your home as well. It should be a healthy mix of both.

  • What size of plank or tile will best suit the space of your house?

Flooring not only depends on looks but also on the available space in your house. If you are having a Bedroom floorspacious house then you should opt for large or wider wood planks. Large planks give you a feeling of wide spaces. It will best suit your large spaced floor. But if you are troubled with a limited floor space, it would not be a great choice to go for big and wide planks. For smaller floor spaces you should go with narrow wood planks or small sized flooring options.


  • Select color tone of the flooring according to the natural light inside your home.

If your home lacks natural light and there are darker areas in the house then you should install lighter wood planks. It helps giving your house a fresh look, brightens up the area and it makes your home look more spacious. If you want to add warmth to your house you can go for mid wood planks. It’s also a good match for neutral color schemes. Darker wood tones are very suitable if you want a touch of luxury and richness to your house.

  • Check the durability factor

Install the flooring which can sustain according to the environment of your home and your surroundings.Kitchen floor If you have children and pets you should not install flooring which are sensible to spills, liquid and hard objects. Such flooring would require extra degree of care and maintenance. Go for tough engineered flooring which can resist under hard use. Check out the reputation of your supplier to ensure you are getting what you are paying for. Gohaus is one such good flooring company that we know of that has the expertise and bandwidth to help you with your flooring selection and installation.

  • Maintenance factor

To buy an elephant isn’t expensive, it’s the maintenance that will hurt you – goes the adage. It totally depends on you, your ability and your patience levels as to till what level you are ready to do maintenance of your floor. If you are ready to maintain and care for your floor on a regular basis , then go for wood flooring. A wooden flooring adds to the beauty of your house. Both solid and engineered wood need high levels of maintenance. You can protect them by using rugs and runners in the high traffic areas. If you are of the type, who doesn’t want to get into daily maintenance chores for your flooring, then you should be opting for Vinyl flooring. It’s simple and easy to maintain. And gives you as many design options as any other form of wooden flooring. Sheet vinyl flooring is also an easy maintenance material.

Types of flooring material
Vinyl flooring


  • It’s less expensive and affordable as compared to other flooring optionsVinyl floor
  • It’s water resistant.
  • It’s highly durable.
  • Low maintenance
  • It can be installed over existing flooring also.
  • It’s available in variety of colors along with different natural patterns and textures.
  • The layer of vinyl makes it more shock absorbent.


  • It’s difficult to repair.
  • Moisture can enter into seams between tiles in case of tile form

Luxury vinyl tile


  • It possesses long wearing factor (has a long life)
  • It is crack resistant.
  • It is available in various sizes and colors.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • Low maintenance
  • It is Stain resistant.
  • It is sound absorbent.


  • It is not suitable for stairs.
  • It is waterproof but it’s adhesive is water soluble.


  • Carpet flooring is cost effective.Carpet for floor
  • Carpet flooring is considered to be soft, quite and warm.
  • Ease of replacement and upgradation.
  • There is also availability of stain resistant fibers.
  • There is availability of colors and textures in case of carpet flooring.


  • It can easily stain
  • Wear can be seen in low quality carpets.


  • Stone flooring is a highly durable. Long lasting.
  • There is availability of classic designs in stone flooring.
  • It provides beauty and natural aesthetic.


  • Cost of installation is high compared to other types of flooring material.
  • It is highly sensitive to stain and dirt.
  • There exists difficulty in repair of stone flooring.
  • It should be sealed properly otherwise it risks coming out
  • It can be slippery.
  • Footprints are easily seen if the surface is dark and glossy.


  • It provides a warm and luxurious look.Wood floor
  • It can be refinished.
  • It is wear resistant.
  • It is long lasting.


  • Wood darkens with passage of time
  • Wood flooring are difficult to repair specifically uneven patches
  • It’s prone to the laws of shrinking and expanding, which can result in creation of gaps and warping.
  • It is defenseless to moisture specially Pine wood flooring. Due to moisture it can result in dents
Engineered wood


  • It is less sensitive to shrinking and expanding.Engineered floor
  • The time required in installation of engineered wood flooring is less.
  • Some of the engineered wood can be installed below grade.
  • Engineered wood is pre-finished so the stain and protective finishes will be more consistent and would last long.


  • The end on this type of flooring splits up on off brands.
  • Engineered wood flooring can be refinished only once or twice.
  • Off brands engineered flooring may have empty space which deteriorates the wood surface.

Flooring for your home is a long term decision and it involves substantial effort, time and money. Each room in your home has its own utility, appeal and objective. What will go good for the drawing room might not be suitable for your kitchen. You would be wanting to have a different flooring for your attic and a different one for your bedroom. You must ensure you have all the information and that you have an expert to guide you through the selection and installation process. At the end of the day, it’s your home and your style statement.





PostHeaderIcon Advantages of Metal Roofing

metal roofThe most common method of roofing which is used and accepted easily by the people across the world is metal roofing. This type of roofing is very common and simple to construct it as your roof. The material to be used in the installation of metal roofing is easily available in the market. Metal roofing is less expensive as compared to other roofing methods. This method of roofing is seen on almost all the houses in the U.S country. There are many benefits which are available to the homeowners installing metal roofing in their home. Metal tiles or shingles are used to install it in the roof. Home owners prefer to re-install metal roofs instead of any other roofing method. This roofing method is very useful for those home owners who don’t want to invest more in their roofing of the home. This article will help you out with the benefits or the advantages of metal roofing.

Advantages of Metal Roofing: 

  • Metal roofing is very much favorable for the snowballed regions or the cold area because this roofing method helps the home to be more protective and durable in cold temperature. Because of the materials and the metal, the snow does not affect the home and its interiors.
  • The metals which are used for the installation of roof are of hybrid quality and of best one. They can be easily recycled and can be used again. Now eco friendly metal roofing method has been implemented for protecting the environment from getting damaged.
  • Purchasing and install a new roof in your home is a big decision and homeowners now only prefer to invest in such roofing method which does last for a long time and does not get damaged early. Metal roofing method is the best alternative which is used for roofing method because it can last for more long time as compared to other roofing methods.
  • Metal roofing is fire resistant in nature and can bare intense fire, wind, snow and can sustain in the nature of any temperature. Firstly it was only simple metal roofs available to the homeowners which does not look good when it was installed in the roof but now there are different structures and colors available in metal roofing which looks fascinating and beautiful in the roof once it is installed by the homeowners.
  • The performance level or standard of metal roof is more better as compared to other roofing methods. As metal is the main element used in the roofing, metal materials like sheets, tiles, strips, etc are easily available and at a cheaper rate.
  • The maintenance cost of metal roofing is less as compared to other roofing methods because the materials which are required in the metal roofing is easily available in the market and the roofing contractor can easily comply with the work of cleaning and maintaining them. Even home owners can maintain the roof on their own if they want to but under the guidance of the expert and knowledgeable roofing contractor.