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PostHeaderIcon Maintaining your glass furnishing effectively

glass furnishing , home careGlass furnishing is often preferred given its timeless elegance and classy beauty. Glass centre tables and dining tables are common in many homes. Now, it’s needless to remind that glass is a fragile structure and thus it demands proper maintenance tips to ensure its elegance forever.

Always use a table cloth over the glassy surface. If you have a colored glass and you don’t want to hide it under tablecloths, get different coasters for it. Always place your coffee mugs or snack platter on the coasters only- don’t allow anything to come in direct touch with the glass surface. Ask your guests to do the same. Never put anything too heavy on the glass tables.

You must clean up your glass tables regularly to ensure its shine and luster. Use warm water with a mild cleanser for washing and after that buff up the glassy surface with soft cotton cloth.

PostHeaderIcon Waterproof futon covers

Waterproof futon covers, futon mattressesMist, moisture, sun or the rain, give birth to the need of using a waterproof futon cover. The use of the waterproof futon cover depends on the amount of stuff that is exposed out. Also it depends on the time of usage and how comfortable you want it to be, how you want it to look like, the time and place of usage also matter. Last but not the least it depends on your budget. It is a debatable topic that no covers can be comprehensively hundred percent Waterproofs. Water may just sip inside the zippers or the buttons.

Sunbrella material cover is very useful. They are found to be water resistant and repel water. They take considerable amount of time to fade away. They can be cleaned easily using a soft brush. Vinyl cotton covers are also widely used. They are waterproof and can be easily wiped off. However there lies one disadvantage of it. It turns to be excessive hot if it is put on for a while. The market is inundated with waterproof futon covers. A simple trip to the nearest mart can edify on the cost, style, colour, pattern and all necessary details of all kinds of waterproof futon covers.

PostHeaderIcon Platform Bed Frames Are Funky High Fashion


Basically, people are usually drawn to new things especially the high fashions ones, so with the platform bed frames in place, sales are likely to go high. The items are available in various styles meaning that you will have a wider option to choose from. These beds are also available in normal sizes such as the queen size, king size and others. They are quite comfortable since they offer the extra space for two or so people to sleep on.

The beds are made from the finest wood which is known to last for long. The timber in use is usually imported from the ideal countries which are known to produce the best quality of timber. With such measures in place, you are guaranteed to find a long lasting bed not just of high fashion but quality. The timber is then famished to give it a shiny look.

PostHeaderIcon How to Care For a Linen Kitchen Table Set

Linen is one of the most frequently used natural materials for making kitchen table sets. And since it is very prone to getting all sorts of stains in the kitchen due to food stuff and oils, it is very important to take proper care of it. You should strictly follow the wash and care instructions which come with your linen kitchen table set.

It is always preferable to wash it with hands than in the machine. You must wash dark colors separately in order to avoid bleeding of the color and staining light colored linen. Do not wring it as it may leave behind wrinkles which are difficult to remove even by ironing. Lastly, avoid drying it in direct sunlight as that may bleach the original color and iron it with extreme care. You must store your kitchen linen in a well ventilated place free of moisture to avoid mildew growth.