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PostHeaderIcon Tips on Taking Care of Wooden Furniture


Cleaning the Wooden Furniture

Good quality of wooden furniture can last for lifetime is often considered as a treasure heirloom that passes down through multiple generations. Still, there are chances that even the highest quality wooden furniture is susceptible to abrasions and scratches if not properly maintained. While you are purchasing the wooden furniture, it’s always a good idea for asking the specifies regarding the care and cleaning instructions. For furnishing already existing in your home, here are some important tips for keeping the wooden furniture looking its best for many upcoming generations. It will help you in maintaining the charm and beauty of the wooden furniture as it is for many coming years.

Wooden furniture cleaning tips:

Avoid environment damage:

Heat, sun light and other environment factor can highly wreak havoc on your wood. It’s advisable of not placing the wooden furniture in front of the uncovered vents, fireplace and windows, as the heat and light can damage and can even fade the wooden furniture.

Don’t mistreat the wooden furniture:

For avoiding heating damage and rings, it’s advisable of always using coasters when setting mugs or glasses on the wooden tables and never places the hot food directly on the wooden furniture without adhering the protection of a potholder and trivet. It is recommended of incorporating decorative table cloth or placemats for protecting your dining room table from spills and stains of drinks and food stuffs.

Dust the wooden furniture often:

No home owner really likes to have the task of dusting, but the chore is one of the best ways of maintaining and cleaning your wooden furniture. The airborne particles present in the air can build a filmy layer on the surface of the wood that can even scratch the surface. Dusting on a frequent basis helps in keeping the buildup away from happening.

It’s advisable of always using s soft cloth like cloth diapers, microfibers, or an old T-shirt for avoiding the damage. Lamb’s wool dusters are great option for hard to reach areas or ornate carvings because it helps in effectively hold and attract the dust.

Protect the wood furniture:


Lady Polishing the wooden furniture

Most of the commercial sprays and polishes contain either silicone oil or petroleum distillates for obtaining a shiny and fresh finish and also for offering proper protection for the wood. It is important for the home owners of not using much of these cleaning products because it might cause to buildup that combines with dirt to create sticky or dull film. Always remember of buff well while using these products for avoiding this buildup. It’s advisable of never using this type of materials with a wax protectant because the combination of both the mixture will result in another gooey mess that is not appropriate for your wooden furniture.

Keep the wooden furniture clean:

Sometimes dusting the wooden surface isn’t enough, you’ll find it necessary to properly clean the wooden furniture. It is advisable of never using all-purpose cleaners that can cause damage to the actual finish of the furniture. If you observe any spot that is heavily sticky and soiled, dip a cloth in Luke warm water that contains a little amount of some washing detergent. Wring it out as much as possible and start wiping the area gently. Make sure of following up with a rinse

Treat the wear and tear:

Even with the best care of the wooden furniture, sometimes it can sustain injuries. For observing any mirror scratches and nicks use a product such as old English scratch over. This liquid polish is helpful in restoring the wooden furniture’s inherent beauty and also hides the abrasions.

If the damages are too extensive for the treatment by using touch up sticks or polishes and you aren’t enough ready for giving up your treasured fixture, you might require for restoring something more drastic in nature. For example, painting a piece of damaged wooden furniture will offer new life into it and gives it several more new years for perfect finish. Painting is one of the effective ways for saving on your pockets. It helps in saving some time by skipping sanding, something you can’t do it, if opted for re-staining.

Re-wax the wooden furniture if needed:

Depending upon the finish of the wooden furniture, some furniture might have a wax protective coating. Ad these pieces age it might be necessary for re-waxing the surface for providing a continuous protection. It is advisable of preparing the surface with fine #0000 steel wool and then wipe with a soft and clean cloth for removing any residue.

Apply a coat of wax and spread it evenly by using a scotch bright pad, use a light pressure method and always follow the grain. It is important to note that, you should not let the wax rest or get set for more than 20 minutes. Remove the excessive wax coating by using a scotch bright pad and buff is properly by using a soft cloth unless and until the surface feels smooth  to touch.

Re-oil the dry wooden furniture:

If the furniture has been stored for longer period of time and has been overly dry, you might require re-oiling it again. You can start the beginning by using Murphy’s oil soap or any other cleaning product, and then prepare the surface. Liberally apply the furniture oil and let it rest for getting soaked into the wooden furniture for at least 15 to 20 minutes. If you’re planning of applying protective coating, let the furniture set for at least 24 hours before you start with the process.

Keep the wooden furniture smelling fresh:

Sometimes it is observed that olden wooden furniture builds an unpleasant odor, especially when you have stored it. You can revive its fragrance by sprinkling baking soda on the surface of the wooden furniture. You can also use a pan of charcoal for placing it in the drawers. It will help to absorb the smell that emanate from the inner side. You can also leave the piece of charcoal outside in a shaded area for making your wooden furniture good as before.

PostHeaderIcon Wooden TV Stands are good to invest in

Wooden TV StandsWooden TV stands can be a good choice for everyone. No matter whether your home has traditional or latest design, wooden furniture can always fit in and it adds a distinct uniqueness to your room. This is very strong and reliable therefore it can exist for a very long period of time. You should be aware of the places from where you can purchase these wooden TV stands from.

You can buy them from the closest retail store though you might only have limited choice but you will have the liberty to see the actual furniture that you are going to buy. You can also buy them from online shops. Here you can find a wide range and collection of wooden furniture to suit your need and interest. But there are certain disadvantages of shopping online that is you are not sure that the image of the furniture shown on the website is the same as the one that you are going to get. So it is very important that you read their return policy carefully before you enter into any deal.

Some of the important factors that you must look in to are:

You must be very sure of the measurement of your TV panel so that you get the exact size that you need. In this way you can choose the perfect fit among the various sizes and shapes.

If your TV has a lot of entangled cables and wires then you must look for a wooden table that can hold all the wires in place.

There are some stands that have shelves so as to hold the DVD players, speakers and game gadgets.

If the stand has to be kept in the middle of the room then you must consider a closed cabinet so that the wires do not show.

PostHeaderIcon Online Furniture Shopping For Your Home

Online Furniture ShoppingWith the advent of the online stores, people are virtually ignoring local stores and malls. People obviously prefer shopping from the comfortable ambience of their home. You can actually view catalogues of different kinds of things from the online stores. In addition to buying things such as electronic appliances, cosmetics, clothes, accessories etc you can even place order in real time for a variety of furniture pieces. Whether you want kitchen furniture or bathroom furniture, all kinds of furniture are available in the online stores.

Most of you are busy and do not get time to visit local stores. Therefore you can go online during your free time and purchase any furniture piece that you like from any place. The furniture options offered by the online websites are amazing. You can get hold of not only modern furniture but also antique furniture. While you are shopping from online stores, you will not be disturbed by any sales person. This means you can relax and pick any furniture you like without being influenced by anyone.

Since the competition among the different online stores is very intense, they utilize marketing strategies such as providing regular discounts, free coupons etc because of which you get a chance to purchase affordably priced furniture. Before buying any furniture you must compare the different prices offered by the online websites so that you can purchase the furniture from a website that offers the most reasonable price.

Always check that the website from which you are buying the furniture is reliable and has been in the market for about five to ten years. Also make sure that the furniture being sold by the website belongs to well-known brands and has appropriate warranty. Remember never buy furniture in a rush because you might overlook things and then suffer from unpleasant consequences.

PostHeaderIcon Furniture options for your patio

patio furniture , furnitureMost of the families nowadays prefer spending time indoors. They indulge in creating relaxing and a fun atmosphere at home itself. Backyards play a very important role in such indulgences. Different types of patio furniture sets are available according to both functionality and beauty. The family which loves eating and cooking can opt for dining sets which comprises of ample seating and table. Such sets must be bought with an umbrella to ensure maximum comfort and beautification.

You can also choose to purchase seating sets for your patio. These consist of love seats, sectionals, chaise lounges, chairs etc. these are meant for simple and comfortable seating in when you want to laze around with family and friends. The furniture sets for your patio come in different materials like plastic, wood, and iron. You must select the furniture type and the its material according to the factors relating to its maintenance and also weather conditions in your residential area. Your choice shall also be dependent on how deep you want to dig your pocket.

PostHeaderIcon Upgrading patio furniture

patio furniture, home furnitureJust like every part of the house, the patio is also one of the areas of the house that can be decorated very pleasingly. Proper care should be taken while deciding the décor of the patio. There are various ways in which patio can be effectively decorated. One of the most essential parts of a patio is the furniture used in the patio. The patio furniture can help in a great amount in deciding the décor of the patio. It is preferable not to use plastic or iron furniture in the patio as it does not do justice to the ambience.

One of the beat variants of the furniture that can be used in the patio is wooden furniture. If you would like to upgrade the furniture of your patio, then you should do a thorough research of the market and see, what are the recent trends in the designs of the patio furniture and choose accordingly among the designs and qualities of your preference.

PostHeaderIcon Tips to take care of your leather furniture

Tips to maintain leather furniture, furniture care tipsLeather furniture in any house definitely adds a certain amount of elegance and charm and is one of the most favored forms of furniture in the modern world. However, leather furniture does have the tendency to look worn out and faded pretty soon provided proper care is not taken and then it looks simply awful. Leather furniture is very prone to dirt and dust and hence it is highly advised to dust the leather furniture on a daily basis to keep it free from dust.

One can use a vacuum cleaner to reach the nooks and crevices of the leather furniture and do a thorough cleaning to make it look brand new. The charm of the leather furniture is in its outer sheen and too much exposure to direct sunlight or even heat as a matter of fact can take away the shine. Hence it is recommended to keep the leather furniture away from sunlight as much as possible and also get a leather conditioning treatment done once a year to keep the leather furniture looking brand new.

PostHeaderIcon Tips to keep termites off your wooden furniture

Preventing your furniture from termites attack is a better step to take rather than trying to get rid of them after they have infested your furniture. One thing you need to do is to keep your furniture away from is moisture. Use dehumidifiers or any such other product to keep moisture away from furniture. Standing water or any leakage through which water seeps into the room should be taken seriously and mended.

If your home and its surroundings are kept clean, there will be very less chance of termites breeding on your furniture. The cardboard boxes and wooden stuff which you do not require anymore should be done away with. The best option while purchasing new furniture for your home is to buy wooden furniture which is made with pressure-treated wood, decreasing the chances of termites attack a great deal. Keep your wooden furniture clean and polished, and do not let dirt or dust accumulate near it.

PostHeaderIcon An overview of space saving furniture

Most of the houses, today, are small and compact in nature. Most of the space in the home is taken by big furniture like bed and sofa set. Because of which there is hardly any space left to even walk in that room. But space saving furniture will assure you enough space whenever needed. One should also keep in mind that if guests come then they also have to be given enough space to sit or to stay for a night or two.

The fold down furniture like sofa cum bed and fold down table are a boon when you are living in a small apartment. You can easily purchase one of those inflated sofa cum lounger cum bed if you have a restricted space as after using it you can deflate it and can put it in any corner of your house. You can also find sofas which can be easily turned in to a bunk bed. So buy space saving furniture and have enough space in your home.

PostHeaderIcon Types of Materials for Kitchen Furniture

The most beautiful kitchens can be either in the modern version or even in the more traditional or even contemporary versions depending on the needs of the home owner. The type of kitchen furniture that is chosen should be as simple and as effective as any other around the home. This is where a good chunk of family time is spent during cooking and even eating. As a result, the furniture in this room should be comfortable and it should be as versatile as possible in order to add style to the kitchen.

Examples of great kitchen furniture ideas include the 1950’s inspired dinner booths. These take the diners back in time every time they take a step into the kitchen. A dining table could also be a part of the decor in the kitchen as could some bar stools surrounding the island. All these can be done using wood, wicker, metal, PVC and even plastic. Metal should however be left out in a home where there are children and or infants that have strong urges to climb on furniture.

PostHeaderIcon Wood panel showcases

Different wood forms have arrived to pose as materials for your showcases. There is redwood and beech wood to add to the traditional mahogany, oak and teak. For expensive look, sandalwood is always there. Red oak looks ravishing as a mantelpiece.

Have them paneled and shelved and yet leaving these open. Reserve these panels for your Chinaware vases, your trophies and important certificates. You can also create a safe in between to store important assets. Place it in the middle of your living room for general visitor overview.

Give your showcases a regular varnish. Wood is susceptible to scratches and losing its color quite quickly. With oak, you can leave it tattered as it still retains some majesty. With softwoods, you will need to be extra careful.

Don’t stuff your showcase with unnecessary things or things you should dispense with. This is to create a genuine first impression and you should not neutralize that.