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PostHeaderIcon Garden Fountain- the varied types

Garden Fountain, garden decorAre you having a garden in your home? Then you must invest some money in a garden fountain. This is one of the best things that is invented for people who love gardening. It makes sure that exact amount of water is spread across your garden and watering is done pretty well. The benefits of these fountains are many as it helps in growing seeds and plants easily.

These fountains come in varied types for your garden. There are concrete fountains in the market. These fountains fit in well in all the different gardens and are durable. The stand up against any weather condition but a good care is to be taken so as they do not crack easily. There are old style fountains as well. They are made of metal and are durable. You can also install a water flow meter in the fountain to monitor the flow of water through the fountain. This will give an idea of water and power consumption of the fountain. These fountains can be costly according to garden sizes. So look into the different types of fountains and select the best one for your garden. A garden fountain also adds to the decor of your home and to that of your property and adds to the property a charm of its own.

PostHeaderIcon Stunning Roof Gardens Also Have Beautiful Advantages

The concept of gardening has evolved a lot in the recent years. The entire idea of gardening has been greatly modernized by the use of technology. People now have the option of making stunning roof gardens. The idea of roof gardens has gained a lot of popularity in different part of the world. It not only makes the house look extremely beautiful, but is also very effective for people who do not have much space outside their house to do the gardening.

There are different types of roof gardens that are available in the current market. It is for the user to select the one that would suit him the most. The idea of roof gardens goes hand in hand with the concept of space management. All these factors have helped to make the idea of roof garden extremely popular to say the least. The roof gardens have become very much praised concept in almost all parts of the world.

PostHeaderIcon Colourful Accents for the Outdoors

If you need to revamp the look of your outdoor patio, then giving it a colourful accent is the best way to go about the same. Most of the people would think that the only way to add a dash of colour to outdoors is by colouring the walls that involves cost and hence put the idea on hold.

Here are a few recession proofs, cheap yet durable colourful accents for the outdoors:

Put bright glass urns around the patio to create a bright illusion

If you have an outdoor seating arrangement, then you can simply spruce it up with some bright pillow cases and table cloths.

Choose a few interesting artefacts of bright colour that you would want to display and place them on the spare side table.

If your outdoor space is connected to a room, then you can use a few bright curtains to add colourful accents.

PostHeaderIcon Green Landscaping Ideas for Spring

nullWho does not want to flaunt a well endowed and pruned garden? The best way to do so is by landscaping the garden. Here are a few great ideas for green landscaping that one can try out this spring.

It is important to choose the plants and trees surrounding your house with utmost care. Firstly, the trees should compliment your house and secondly they should be professionally planted to ensure that they sustain the weathers.

Use the right sprinklers that have auto timers, so that your garden is taken care of even at your absence. If you are lucky enough to own a huge terrace then use plants to decorate them. These plants would score you extra brownie points from the environmentalist and also be the envy of your neighbours.

Another must do this spring is to plant vegetables in your back yard. Choose the right one’s that need less care and are required by you on a regular basis.