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It’s not a big secret that home decoration is not a cheap thing to do and we are all always short on our budget. Even if you are thinking of redecorating a small room, it can cost really high. What type of flooring you want to opt for carpeting or hardwood? What kind of paint do you want while home decorating? What type of wall hanging or wall art you want to opt for while home decoration? Are you going to buy the new furniture while home decoration? What about the lighting fixtures and such other accessories? The idea of implementing all these things, while opting for home decoration is really overwhelming. But you try to fix all this overwhelming things into a tight budget, it does not remain that overwhelming instead turn out to be a real head ache and you think of dropping down the whole idea of home decoration as you find it really inapplicable in your budget. But there is a kid way out instead of dropping it. There are certain tips and tricks by which you can undergo the project of home decoration even on a tight budget. Here are some of the tips by which you can get your dream home without having to pay the price of designers.

  • Plan before beginning

For any home decoration project, proper planning is the key, that too when you have to work on a tight budget it becomes a necessity. No one wants to face such a situation where they have found the right bed to discover at later stage where they don’t have enough money to pay for it and have a gorgeous bathtub they ordered online in cheap prices which has arrived to not to fit in your bathroom. Doing a little bit planning work before starting home decoration will save you from unplanned surprising, or rather say shocking situations, which are discover at a later stage. To start with, find a design inspiration. Surf the internet or look out in magazines to find the design ideas which can fit into your space. After that move on to other components like flooring, painting, accessories, walls, furniture and such other parts. Check out different home improvement stores for getting the idea on the prevailing market prices. While you are taking estimates of coat make sure to also include any additional cost relating to it like hiring any professional for installation or any such other charges. Once you get all the price points in mind, compare it with your available finances. Be honest while making such comparison, if your decided amount falls short then put some of the things aside and carry on with the other.

  • Repurpose all those things which you already have

There is no denial that repurposing the old things is not at all fun and not at all exciting like arrival of new pieces from store. But if you become little bit creative and try little bit harder than repurposing old things can really do magic while your home decoration. It will also set with your tight budgetary needs. Take a look at your existing place and give a thought outside the box and think how you can refurbish the items which you are currently using. Are you really in need of the new cabinets for kitchen or refacing them is all that is needed. Do you really need to renovate your entire bedroom while home decoration or giving just a fresh coat of paint will be enough? Do some research and analyze your current home situation as to what to repurpose and what to buy new.

  • Anchor the room with furniture

Working on a tight budget is usually about prioritizing your needs. When you have more needs and less money, you need to spend at those places where you can get the most of your money. In case of home decoration, this means allocation a major portion towards buying quality furniture. Furniture is really a smart place to spend your budget as it is going to last for any years. Furniture is not like paint or other accessories which will fade in certain time or go out of trend in few years. Having invested a good amount in furniture, while home decoration; it would last for so long making your home looking good. Having a good sofa in drawing room or a great bed in bedroom half of the work of home decoration is finished. Bunch of small home decorating items would not do the same as a good bed does in your home.

  • Buying furniture without stains and varnishes

Yes of course you want to invest in goof furniture; you can also save some bucks by buying the furniture which is unfinished. You will not get as good looking furniture as you have seen in the stores while research but you can get it at really low cost as the manufacturer cannot hide imperfections of varnishes and paint.

  • Go for buying second hand things

When you are opting for home decoration project with tight budget, there are some or the other areas where in you have to make compromise. Buying all the stuff new can really be very much expensive, instead opt for buying second hand items. It’s not always necessary that second hand items are bad. If you do proper research, you can also find many great things in second hand. Check out for second hand furniture in stores or you can also see websites online which are dealing with second hand items. Don’t take the decision instant, take out some time and then make your search and then come to conclusion as to which things to buy second hand  and which things to buy new. Furniture is the biggest thing where you can save as you cannot have second hand paint. Make sure you have a proper eye on the quality of the thing you are buying second hand as you don’t want5 to get cheated with poor quality things.



PostHeaderIcon Handicrafts for Home Décor

Handicrafts for Home DécorHandicrafts symbolize three important things- Sheer skill, ethnic designs and extreme hard work. A lot of innovation and creativity is needed to create handicrafts. Simply handicrafts are decorative items that are created by proficient craftsmen. Each and every handicraft is extremely unique and simple tools are required in order to manufacture handicrafts. Handicrafts are made out of different and usually ordinary materials such as metal, semi-precious stones, stone, wood and so on.

Wooden handicrafts are a perfect addition to your home because these are beautifully carved, durable and reasonably priced. Most of the wooden handicrafts have practical and functional value as well. Wooden idols of Gods and Goddesses, wooden furniture, wooden showpieces, wooden wall hangings etc are some of the wooden handicrafts that are popularly utilized for home décor.
Terracotta handicrafts are also very famous all around the world. Pots, hanging bells, murals, pen stands, table tops, vases and so on are some of the handicraft items that are made out of terracotta and can be utilized to decorate your home attractively.

Metal handicrafts also have a very high demand. Metal surahis, pots, mirror frames, candle stands, lamp shades, baskets and so on can be utilized to enhance the overall look of your home. The intricate designs on metal handicrafts are absolutely enchanting.
Among the metal handicrafts- the brass ones are popular. Thus you can even decorate your home with handicrafts made out of brass. Brass antique reproductions, candle stands, candle holders, figures, statues, urns etc are certain brass handicrafts that are extremely functional and beautiful. Brass handicrafts can be afforded by any homeowner quite conveniently.

Handicrafts that are manufactured by Indian craftsmen are gorgeous and absolutely perfect. Indian handicrafts used for home décor are exported from India to the different parts of the world. You can get hold of good-quality handicrafts from any local or online handicraft store.

PostHeaderIcon Making Your Fish Tank Look Fantastic

Fish TankFishes are one the most beautiful pets to have. They exhibit a tranquil ambience of calmness and composure. It is a great responsibility for you to maintain the fishes by taking good care of them with love and patience. It is also important for you to make the fish tank look pretty and homely for the fishes to stay in.

Number one thing to look out for is a nice little tank to put your fish in. once that decision has been made and the tank is bought other necessities for the fish should be taken care of. A filter, an oxygen pipe and a temperature controlling device are the 3 main things to be installed immediately before anything else. This ensures the sanity of the aquarium. A clean aquarium ensures that the fish remain healthy and stay alive for much longer. After these main instruments are installed the tank should be given attention in accordance to enhancing its looks.

The most cliché type of decoration for fish tanks are obviously gravel, pebbles and sea plants. The plants used can either be the fake ones which can be easily cleaned or real ones which ensure functionality and aesthetic beauty as well. Live plants provide ideal spawning spaces, oxygenation of water, give shelter and also help in removing the nitrates. The gravel used for flooring decoration should be neon as they give a better look under the water. The colour of the gravel can complement the colour of the fishes to make it look even more intricately designed.

A different look can also be propagated. The Ancient Parthenon look comes with certain props. Some of them being rocks and rocky caves covered in sea plants, a little treasure box and little toy ship which look broken down. These innovative and new looks make your tank look different and attractive.

PostHeaderIcon Tips For Decorating Your Fish Aquarium

Fish AquariumFishes are perhaps the perfect pets that any person can have. If you have a fish aquarium then it is necessary that you take proper care of it so that your pets can survive and live happily in the aquarium. But along with maintaining the fish aquarium, you have another responsibility. This responsibility is that you have to make the fish aquarium look beautiful and attractive as it is going to be the home for your pets. Thus here are certain tips for decorating your fish aquarium appropriately and gorgeously.

Before you pick up certain fun decorations for your fish tank, it is essential that your fish aquarium has things like a filter and temperature controller. These things will help keep your fish healthy and safe. Plus the aquarium will also remain clean and hygienic. After the filter and temperature controller is installed in your aquarium, you can go ahead and choose pretty fish tank decorations for your fish aquarium.

Sea plants and gravels are considered to be the most used fish tank decorations. Thus you can utilize both these things in your fish aquarium. Use neon colored or white colored gravels as these will look better underwater. The colors of the gravels should either contrast or match the color of the fishes that are living inside the aquarium. The sea plants that you use as decorative elements can either be real or artificial. It will be amazing to see how your pets utilize the plants for entertaining purposes.

Mirrors can also be a good decorative addition to your fish aquarium. But ensure that the sharp edges of the mirrors are smoothed away so that your pets do not get injured. Small caves made out of different rocks could also be used as decorations in your fish aquarium. You can even select a particular theme to decorate your fish aquarium in accordance with it.

PostHeaderIcon Go green for your new home

green home decorIt is very important that now we start taking the motto- “go green!” on a serious note. A lot of people now are going on to buy new houses, flats and apartments depending on their budget but it is also very important that in this ‘globally warm’ world we start taking steps to cool it down a little. It is a very cool thing to start becoming eco friendly and this can be done first thing by disposing off all the plastic bags below 40 microns from the new home. Eco friendly appliances can be the very next option for following the drill. Solar cookers, solar heaters, solar cells can be the very basic to start with but most of the houses these days are not-so-interested to use those as they take more time and give less energy. Fluorescent light bulbs with low power consumption can be used for home lighting.

Moving on to going green on a literal basis it is important to have plants and trees in and around your house. People living in flats and apartments can have little flower pots and plant pots in their balcony or veranda. They can even plant trees outside their house building to maintain a healthy and freshening ambience. People who have bought houses and decorate their outdoor garden with greenery. Little flower shrubs and small plants which grow small fruits or vegetables like curry leaves and bitter gourd can be planted.
Energy efficient windows and eco friendly flooring are two other ways of going green in your new house. Wooden flooring, carpets and vinyl floors have a kind of volatile organic compounds in them thus using cork or bamboo flooring is a better idea.

These things ensure that you are green and fresh whenever you walk in your home from the whole days work.

PostHeaderIcon Tips on kids room color

kids room colorIf you are expecting a baby then out of the many things that you have in mind the first thing that you should pay attention to is the room in which the baby will be kept. Now decorating a kid’s room from the very beginning can be a bit tedious since it needs precision in each and every detail. You would obviously not the room to be incomplete when the baby comes. It should look like a wonderland and if you are a bit careful then it can be done. One of the most important things that make a kid’s room look good is the color. You just cannot paint the room with any random color that comes to your mind. When you are coloring a kid’s room the basic idea is to make is pleasant for everyone’s eyes and that is why it would be best if you choose some light shades. Some of the popular colors in this category are baby pink, light sky, mauve and many such light shades.

Choosing the correct color for your kid’s room can also be done if you have a particular theme in mind. If your kid is 5 or 6 years old and loves to play games then you can select different sports themes for which green would be the suitable color. If she is fond of dolls and stuff then you have the option of pink. Apart from that if you have a different theme in mind such as cartoons and things like that then you should always try the light sky blue color. So the idea of coloring your kid’s room depends on various factors and if you pay a little heed to the details then you will not find the job tedious at all. Rather it would be quite interesting for you.

PostHeaderIcon Granite countertop – a must have in any kitchen

Granite Countertops, kitchen decorGranite countertop is a must have for any kitchen space. It’s the most preferred choice for the interior designers given the many benefits it comes up with. The article here presents a brief on the many advantages of granite countertop.

First of all, granite is sturdy and durable and hence you can be assured of a long term investment here. Then another vital significance here is that granite is scratch resistant, stain resistant and heat proof. Thus, it won’t be affected from the constantly heated up kitchen atmosphere and as its stain and scratch resistant you can easily carry out all your cooking activities here without tension.

Finally, granite is a beautiful stone and is always held high thanks to its elegant aura. Moreover you will find it in a variety of colors and textures to choose from. Thus, you can always have your preferred one as per your very kitchen decor.

PostHeaderIcon Doing up the walls of your little one’s den

kids room decor, home decorHow to do up the wall art for your kid’s room? Well, before proceeding it’s to mention that the wall décor for a little den should be simple yet cute sans any sort of exaggeration as it’s for the kids and their tiny friends.

The best kind of wall art for your kid’s room should be hand drawn pictures on the wall. You will get professionals who are ready to deck up the walls with portraits of cartoon characters, animals, flowers or Disney fairies & princesses. If your little one has a knack for painting encourage her/him to come up with their favorite paintworks for their own walls.

A collage with colorful family or friend photos would also be a nice addition to the wall. You can also make a collage with kid’s cute snaps captured over the years since birth. Kids’ special wallpapers and posters would also work to create adorable wall décor for the tiny one’s chamber.

PostHeaderIcon How to have an attractive outdoor look

attractive outdoor lookAn outdoor to that great home needs to be grand too, otherwise it gives the sensation of a home not in touch with its surroundings. In order to have an attractive outdoor a lot of things can be thought up. First of all the budget needs to be estimated. A high budget can lead to proper landscaping on the available space with state of the art features to attract visitors to the locality easily. When it comes to low budget options setting up proper lights a good swing and having a fair growth of lush green grass trimmed to perfection is all that it takes.

In landscaping a landscape artist can come up with brilliant and innovative ideas to replicate an outdoor look to suit an outdoor design which can be the rolling hills of Scotland or a tropical rainforest of South east Asia. Going green over outdoor design is another way to send a message to about the pressing concerns of the environment.

PostHeaderIcon Ringing in the summer with style

summer room decorWith the onset of summer, you need to shift to some particular design to welcome the summer. You can paint the walls of your room with some new shades perfect for the summer. Normally light shades are perfect for the summer. It will make the room airy and comfortable. The painting work may cost you huge money, but if you are under the constraint of budget, then it is better if you leave the idea of painting.

However you can welcome summer with new curtains. The floral prints for the curtain can be a very good style for the summer. You can also go for some other types of prints and designs for the curtain. You can even get some new bed sheets and pillow covers, especially light colored to welcome summer.

You can even bring about some summer style with your clothing as well. With the onset of summer, you have to choose the correct type of clothing to remain comfortable during the summer.