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tips of cleaning your gutters

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If majority of the home owners will be knowing the proper ways to clean your gutters, then there would be very much less injuries and deaths and also very much less property damage. But unfortunately, it is not the case and not all of us know what the proper way is to clean your gutter. Even though you don’t know, you will not make proper research and then make mistakes and regret those at the end. Basically fall is the season when there is highest need of cleaning your gutter and downspout system properly. If not done so, costly repairs can be added up from freezing or rain water damage. It’s the right time to clean up those clogged gutters and make sure to do it safely. You should go for cleaning your cutter yourself only if you are a handy person and comfortable doing such things. If you are not comfortable with such things then it’s better not to risk your safety and call a professional for cleaning your gutter. Cleaning your gutters is really an easy task still we often get to hear someone getting hurt which is really irritating as it can be avoided easily if proper gutter cleaning tips have been followed. Here are some of the extremely helpful tips for cleaning your gutters which must be followed if you want safe gutter cleaning and efficient gutter cleaning without any damage.

  • Practice ladder safety

It’s safe when someone always know that you are working on the roof. It’s always risky to work on the ladder and accident can happen at any time and hence it’s better if someone knows that you are working on the roof. Make sure that you are using a safe and steady ladder and prefer one having small shelf which is strong enough to easily hold five a gallon of bucket for collecting debris and making sure to secure the bucket with a lanyard. If you are working on a single story structure then a four legged ladder will be good choice for you. If you have to work on two story structure or structure higher than that, then you will have to use an extension ladder. You must not go for a wooden ladder as it is usually wobbly and bit difficult to maintain valance safely. You should also not opt for an orchard ladder as it is having only three legs for its support and they can easily get unbalanced. Fiberglas ladder are the sturdiest but they are also heaviest. If you are cleaning your gutters for many hours then moving heavy ladder very often can lead you to muscle pain.

  • Use a garden hose

While cleaning your gutter, you should use a garden hose which should preferably have pistol grip with trigger spray nozzle. This type of nozzle will allow you to adjust the water pressure while cleaning your gutter with just one hand. A pistol grip spray nozzle will easily hang upon the front edge of gutter while using a gutter scoop or while moving the ladder. This makes the task of cleaning your gutters very much easy and comfortable.

  • Use a gutter scoop

If you want to scoop out the leafy debris then it is the best overall methods for cleaning your gutters. One of the best tools for cleaning your gutters is plastic scooping tools which is available at any of the hardware stores. Plastic scooping tools are very much unique due to its front scooping edge which is very much thin and it forms itself to the gutter trough which will make it easier to scoop even the toughest debris in any of the size of the gutter system. Make sure you are not using a metal scooping tool as bottom of the seams and gutters can be easily scratched and damaged. If the bottoms of steel areas are scratched then it can introduce those areas to rust and the bottom is already rusting then this process can be speeded up by using metal scoop.

  • Protect your hands

Gloves can help you protect the hands against the rotting leaf debris. While cleaning you gutter, you have to clean many ugly things which can make you feel dirty and can also hurt your hands and thus it is advisable to use gloves for safer side. You might have to clean droppings of pigeons, birds and squirrel which can have hidden bacteria in them not good for your hands. Gloves can also protect you from the harmful cuts which you get from torn metal shards of old ragged gutter while cleaning your gutter. Using cotton gloves will soak up the dirty water which exposes the skin to bacteria. Leather gloves can also be used but they generally shrivel up when they get dry after cleaning.

  • Protect your eyes

Eye protection is also very much important whole cleaning your gutters. You never know what can suddenly come out of the gutter and enter into your eye and damage your eyes. People have experienced, sudden movement of rats, birds, reptiles, bees, frogs flying out of the gutter while cleaning hem and angering their eyes. Thus to avoid such situation it’s advisable to always put on safety glasses for protection of your eyes in any situation.

  • Clean the roof

Cleaning the roof is also important after cleaning your gutter. When you clean your gutter there are many things which come out of your gutter and get onto your roof making it dirty? If you leave that dirt on the roof itself, chances are there within less time only these things will fly with the wind and make your gutter dirty again and all your efforts of cleaning your gutter will go in vain. Clean the roof with the nozzle spray only makes sure there is no dirt, dust or debris present on your roof and making your roof dirty. You Can also use a pressure washer if you want to.


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