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Cleaning the Wooden Furniture

Good quality of wooden furniture can last for lifetime is often considered as a treasure heirloom that passes down through multiple generations. Still, there are chances that even the highest quality wooden furniture is susceptible to abrasions and scratches if not properly maintained. While you are purchasing the wooden furniture, it’s always a good idea for asking the specifies regarding the care and cleaning instructions. For furnishing already existing in your home, here are some important tips for keeping the wooden furniture looking its best for many upcoming generations. It will help you in maintaining the charm and beauty of the wooden furniture as it is for many coming years.

Wooden furniture cleaning tips:

Avoid environment damage:

Heat, sun light and other environment factor can highly wreak havoc on your wood. It’s advisable of not placing the wooden furniture in front of the uncovered vents, fireplace and windows, as the heat and light can damage and can even fade the wooden furniture.

Don’t mistreat the wooden furniture:

For avoiding heating damage and rings, it’s advisable of always using coasters when setting mugs or glasses on the wooden tables and never places the hot food directly on the wooden furniture without adhering the protection of a potholder and trivet. It is recommended of incorporating decorative table cloth or placemats for protecting your dining room table from spills and stains of drinks and food stuffs.

Dust the wooden furniture often:

No home owner really likes to have the task of dusting, but the chore is one of the best ways of maintaining and cleaning your wooden furniture. The airborne particles present in the air can build a filmy layer on the surface of the wood that can even scratch the surface. Dusting on a frequent basis helps in keeping the buildup away from happening.

It’s advisable of always using s soft cloth like cloth diapers, microfibers, or an old T-shirt for avoiding the damage. Lamb’s wool dusters are great option for hard to reach areas or ornate carvings because it helps in effectively hold and attract the dust.

Protect the wood furniture:


Lady Polishing the wooden furniture

Most of the commercial sprays and polishes contain either silicone oil or petroleum distillates for obtaining a shiny and fresh finish and also for offering proper protection for the wood. It is important for the home owners of not using much of these cleaning products because it might cause to buildup that combines with dirt to create sticky or dull film. Always remember of buff well while using these products for avoiding this buildup. It’s advisable of never using this type of materials with a wax protectant because the combination of both the mixture will result in another gooey mess that is not appropriate for your wooden furniture.

Keep the wooden furniture clean:

Sometimes dusting the wooden surface isn’t enough, you’ll find it necessary to properly clean the wooden furniture. It is advisable of never using all-purpose cleaners that can cause damage to the actual finish of the furniture. If you observe any spot that is heavily sticky and soiled, dip a cloth in Luke warm water that contains a little amount of some washing detergent. Wring it out as much as possible and start wiping the area gently. Make sure of following up with a rinse

Treat the wear and tear:

Even with the best care of the wooden furniture, sometimes it can sustain injuries. For observing any mirror scratches and nicks use a product such as old English scratch over. This liquid polish is helpful in restoring the wooden furniture’s inherent beauty and also hides the abrasions.

If the damages are too extensive for the treatment by using touch up sticks or polishes and you aren’t enough ready for giving up your treasured fixture, you might require for restoring something more drastic in nature. For example, painting a piece of damaged wooden furniture will offer new life into it and gives it several more new years for perfect finish. Painting is one of the effective ways for saving on your pockets. It helps in saving some time by skipping sanding, something you can’t do it, if opted for re-staining.

Re-wax the wooden furniture if needed:

Depending upon the finish of the wooden furniture, some furniture might have a wax protective coating. Ad these pieces age it might be necessary for re-waxing the surface for providing a continuous protection. It is advisable of preparing the surface with fine #0000 steel wool and then wipe with a soft and clean cloth for removing any residue.

Apply a coat of wax and spread it evenly by using a scotch bright pad, use a light pressure method and always follow the grain. It is important to note that, you should not let the wax rest or get set for more than 20 minutes. Remove the excessive wax coating by using a scotch bright pad and buff is properly by using a soft cloth unless and until the surface feels smooth  to touch.

Re-oil the dry wooden furniture:

If the furniture has been stored for longer period of time and has been overly dry, you might require re-oiling it again. You can start the beginning by using Murphy’s oil soap or any other cleaning product, and then prepare the surface. Liberally apply the furniture oil and let it rest for getting soaked into the wooden furniture for at least 15 to 20 minutes. If you’re planning of applying protective coating, let the furniture set for at least 24 hours before you start with the process.

Keep the wooden furniture smelling fresh:

Sometimes it is observed that olden wooden furniture builds an unpleasant odor, especially when you have stored it. You can revive its fragrance by sprinkling baking soda on the surface of the wooden furniture. You can also use a pan of charcoal for placing it in the drawers. It will help to absorb the smell that emanate from the inner side. You can also leave the piece of charcoal outside in a shaded area for making your wooden furniture good as before.

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