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Keep your bedroom cleanA messed up room is usually a trademark of a teenagers room or a child’s room if being an adult also you have such a room then it’s a matter of shame. Child’s are excluded from the responsibility of keeping your bedroom clean but when it comes to teenager’s parents usually ask them and even scold them to keep your bedroom clean. Thus adults are by default under the obligation to keep your bedroom clean. Keeping your bedroom clean also leads to keeping your mind clean and peaceful. If though you are a kind of person who doesn’t care as to how your room looks like but it will still affect you a lot and hence it is very important to keep your bedroom clean and tidy. You might not be able to figure out what to do to keep your bedroom clean as you have never done it before. You might also be thinking it would be very difficult to keep your bedroom clean but it is not so. With right steps it is really very easy to keep your bedroom clean. Here are some of the easy and efficient steps to keep your bedroom clean.

  • Keep an incentive to motivate you

Is your any friend coming? Are you going on a vacation anywhere? Is it being difficult for you find your thing with so much of mess spread in your bedroom? Is your floor too much occupied with things that you can’t even walk freely? It can be any of the reason to motivate you to keep your bedroom clean. If you don’t have any of the above reason and you just want to keep your bedroom clean to have some peaceful time in your room and get a getaway from your school or other works then it will be the best. Just anyhow find some motivation and make proper efforts to keep your bedroom clean.

  • Search any upcoming event to encourage you

If you have a frame of mind to keep your bedroom clean during any occasions then search for any such occasion coming nearby and encourage yourself to keep your bedroom clean at least for the sake of that occasion. For example if there is any birthday or Christmas nearby then keeps your bedroom clean for such occasions. Try to get rid of the extra and useless stuff so that there is less mess and added space. Donate your stuff to hospital or any charities. One of the reasons for keeping your bedroom clean is that you can have your friends more often to your place if your bedroom is clean.

  • Sort your stuff

Find out what are the things which is more important to you and what those things are which is not at all important for you. When sort the important things keep them aside and put the other useless things out of your room so that it becomes easy for you to manage all the things easily and keep your bedroom clean. There will also be a third category for the things which will be those stuff which is used only occasionally, keep those stuff at separate storing space.

  • Sought out storage space

For all of your stuff, you must find specific storage space so that all your things are managed properly and you will be able to keep your bedroom clean. Consider all the available space in your bedroom like closet space, attic space, under the bed space, dresser, drawers and desks. First of all create a system for storing clothes both clean and dirty as it will be helpful for you in further maintenance. Once you are done with your clothes, now move to your study stuff, arrange them in the dresser or the desks. Keep a pencil holder or pen holder and put those things there for easy access whenever you need them. Now all you will be left with would be extra things which you can fit any space left. Whatever works and sets at any place, out that stuff there. Thus by allotting every single thing in the room its own space, now it will be easy to keep your bedroom clean.

  • Make your bed

The main thing in your bedroom which is usually messed up is your bed. Thus when the main thing in the room is clean, it will make the other parts of the room also look clean. Thus pull the bed sheet properly and keep the cushions in proper manner. Also it would be better if you take every unnecessary thing out of your bed and keep it empty. This will look even better. Make this habit of cleaning your room every morning and even every night. This will keep your bedroom clean whole day and also gives you a better and relaxed sleep at night.

  • Pick your stuff

Many of the time your small stuff are roaming here and there in your room, some on the bed, some on the table, some on the floor and thus if you want to keep your bedroom clean. Collect all those things, these things include your pencil, bag, ball, your earplugs, your charger, your deodorant, your cream and many such small little tiny things. Many of the times, there are also some papers running in your room some might be important while some are useless. It might be electricity bill which you mum said you to pay or it can be your grocery bill or it can be any important document of yours. Thus, when you want to keep your bedroom clean, also clean these heaps of paper roaming around.

  • Vacuum or dust or mop your bedroom regularly

Your room will definitely have some or the other ways of accumulating dust and dirt inside and it becomes very important to clean them all for keeping your bedroom clean. First of all clean you need and vacuum the rest of the room as all the dust from the bed will also fall and then your bedroom will be clean completely.

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