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Organize your basementMany of the people have the mentality that basement is just a dark and dank space which is just meant to keep the boxes filled with holiday decorations or a place to put the toys which your children’s no longer use or a place to damp your old furniture. By changing this typical mindset, your basement can be changed and if you organize your basement like a pro, it can be in such a condition that it can also be turned out into a beautiful bedroom or o guest room. Now you might be thinking this is too much but organizing your basement is not a bad thing at all. Just give it a try and organize your basement like a pro and you yourself will start believing this fact.

Many of you organize your basement and then wonder how to utilize the space, here is the answer the use of the basement depends upon the matter of the fact whether it is finished or unfinished. If you have a finished basement and you also organize your basement then you can use it as a home office for your home business. You can also use it a playroom for your kids if you have organized your basement and also use it as family room or workout room or even as a cave room for the man of the house. If you are having an unfinished basement then you need to be extra careful as there can be possibility of having mold and mildew in such places which just don’t disappear by organizing your basement and there lies a possibility of damaging your stuff you like. If you are not in a mood of turning your basement into a useful space then you can use it as a storage room but this does not mean that there lies no need of organizing your basement.  Keeping your basement organized also helps you find the things easily when you need it, otherwise finding the right thing at the right time is also difficult in a storage space.

Here are some of the tips to organize your basement like a pro.

  • Start with a clean slate

The best thing to start with while organizing your bedroom is to go through every single thing you own. Going through even the scrap can help you discover and hunt many such things which you have been searching for decades. Seeing each and every bits and pieces also helps you to identify the usage of the stuff you own and also help to give you a conclusion as to what stuff you need and what is no more in use. After you figure out what are things you don’t need anymore, instead of throwing it off think of donating it.

  • Safety first

While organizing your basement one of the important things you should be focusing on is your safety. Always go for a storage e which is having safe and also look sturdy. If you have a tendency of storing things in bin and box then you definitely need to have a nice shelving system for storage. You can opt for paintable ply wood for storage and organizing your basement and making it look sturdy and spacious. Measure your items which you want to store and then have a storing or shelving system according to it. Try and avoid storage above five feet of height as you have a chance of getting yourself hurt or injured while reaching up to them.

  • Test future layouts

If you have any plans in the future to make any changes or remodel your basement then organizing your basement should be according to it. Place your items of storage in the place according to the plans of future layout. Also check whether your items are easily accessible to doors. Also check whether the stuff is accessible to stairs or not, if not then don’t store them into the basement. Try out different things while organizing your basement as it will give you better idea as to which one works the best and which one suits the best.

  • Play with mechanicals

Basement is a place which is not much finished which means you can easily see the plumbing fixtures and mechanics set around which don’t give much good look to your basement. Thus while organizing your basement, you can probably play with such mechanics and place your storage at a place where this mechanical fitting is easily visible and looks messy. Cover these things with creative storage. This will be very clever idea to organize your basement and create your storage.

  • Get organized

Now, when you have incorporated all the storage and shelving, it’s time to organize your stuff there in. You will be having multiple storage areas and also multiple things to be kept in them. Be very careful while organizing your basement and stuff into your storage. Once kept, it’s difficult to remember where you put it. Thus try and stick a note on the box as to what things are kept in there and so next time when you need it you will be able to find it very easily. Once you organize your basement doesn’t let it get cluttered and you have to go to the process all over again. Organizing your closet is a lengthy job and if you don’t want to repeat it then be organized all the time with your basement.

  • Evaluate the environment

You must keep a routine check on the environment of the basement. If you find your basement to be wet, have immediate action and get it fixed as soon as possible. Wet basement is easily prone to mold and mildew which can ruin all of your stuff and also make your basement to smell damp and stinky. Thus keep a dehumidifier in your basement and keep your basement dry and let it smell good.

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